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Here is the pose that I used in my remake of the TR1 render:

(Note: The smile only looks good from the front.)

Full View:

Close Up:

And the download link:

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I love this one!
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Originally Posted by LaraRules81 View Post


Another pose for you fine forum members! Inspired by a picture of the lovely Bayonetta: Click

It's called High Kick (Bayonetta), .
Nice one
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btw.: here´s another competition idea:
why not make a pure posing competition!!?
  1. best pose
  2. best facial expression
  3. best lifting / bone manip ...

before + after (esp nose + cheeks):

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DOWNLOAD Lara's pose
DOWNLOAD Lilith Hair pose

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Default 2 New Poses

Here's 2 new poses I am sharing. The one on the left is a pose angelina jolie does. The one on the right is the Anniversary render pose which i made for my latest picture. Enjoy .

Left: Angelina Jolie arms crossed Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?aminjmndjyz

Right: Anniversary Render Pose Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?2nmhmdjk4t1
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Hi, I have new horse poses

Horses by Dragon Slave and Crofty, Island and water by $AtlantiB$, Sand ground by Matty-Croft, bench and pillar by XNAaraL

Lara pose here
Jumping horse here

Second picture: horse on the left here, horse on the right here
Horse on the sandy beach here
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My second contributed pose: Natla à la Carrie-Anne Moss.

Compiled from three poses and edited slightly; body posed by toughraid3r37, face posed by RetardedRaider, wings posed by lildark7.

Was used in one of my renders:

Thank you profusely to tarcairion for maintaining this thread
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TRA Figure Pose

Click on the pic to download!
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Dual Gun Strut Pose

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uk3mkm...lgunstrut.pose

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