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Originally Posted by CiaKonwerski View Post
A new cut and dye, like?
It looks great on you Also you have really nice eyes D:
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Wearing my friends sparkly hat
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le me
"Your perception of good timing is...bad!"
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^ Freaking hot! <3
"I have quite cool and detailed daydreams" - Rai
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Looking great, folks!

New haircut!

Ok, I'm going to give you the gun. But only in small amounts, in bullet form.
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Barry Matharoo
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got some new shades and headphones

was trying to do a magazine style photo shoot
PS VITA games. Why u not load faster?? PSN ID: barry_matharoo

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I haven't posted recent pictures in quite a bit, so here are two new ones... Lol

First one is me being excited to have an iPhone again... My iPhone 3G broke a while back, so I started using the Windows Phone, which in its own right was also amazing and I'm shipping as a gift to my best friend Mikey (Lenochka) xD
But now I have the iPhone 4S and I'm happy to have it back. Besides, Siri will make me forget not having a girlfriend and I'll feel less lonely. Bahahhaha, playin'.

And this one was me at work yesterday trying to figure out what to eat on my lunch break. lol And yes, I work at Best Buy. I love the whole nerdy environment.

Life is docile, yet harsh. Search for a way to tame it.
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^ i forgot how cute and handsome you are.
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@BoyTRaider Looking hot!

And awwww about Siri:

You: 'Siri, can you tell me you love me?'
Siri: *loading* 'I.am.sorry.I.don't.understand...Your question.

"Come on down to the store, you can buy some more & more & more & more."
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