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Default Corrupt Save Game

Hello, I downloaded TRL from Steam so it has the latest patches and everything ran fine. but the other day when I tried to start my game it crashed. I can start a new game just fine, and loading from there works as well. Its just my previous games that dont work.

Is it possible to repair a corrupt saved game?
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It is only your autosave which was corrupted, any saves you made yourself would be fine. Starting a new game and going through a checkpoint will give you a new autosave and you will be able to load your old saves. Be careful not to exit the game while it is saving data, although there are other things that could cause your autosave to be corrupted that is the obvious one. Any progress made after your last save would have been lost, always save before exiting the game, just in case.
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You can always download a savegame file from here

That is what I do when I have a problem
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