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Lightbulb Wreck of the Maria Doria shortcut

This is how to accomplish the level faster. I didn't read about this before and I never use/used walkthrough. So most likely this is a known thing but anyway this is how to perform this with most optimum way.

1. Jump next to the block and pull it on one position. Of course Lara will catch on fire.

2. Roll, run your ass off, turn the corner and .... dive girl, to extinguish yourself!

I used 2 large and 2 small medpacks to make it alive before I can reach the water. I think it's possible to do just with 3 large medpacks. But I had only two so I used two small medpacks too.

3. Now stand behind the block (closer to its left side) and push it on one position further again. This time Lara won't catch on fire! Fire will burn her skin tho. Jump on the block.

4. From the edge of the block jump and grab the edge, kill the goon and pull the lever.

5. Jump on that structure and continue your game.
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Nice find, Drone! If you stand off-center for all the actions with the block, you can use medipacks in time to prevent her catching on fire. I like to jump left after the first pull to stop the damage and then push.

This allows you to skip the entire first part of the level!

This video from RadxxRyan shows it at 1:22.

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Drone i think this was already known but thanks anyway however it'll ruin your no medi pack run and you'll miss the blue dragon secret.
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I've used this before. However well done on finding this
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ive always been doing this haha.
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I have done somthing similar on 40 fathoms. I would pull the 1st switch to extinguish the 1st fire, then ignore the other one.
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Your other option is to drill a hole in the side of the ship, let the water in, and just swim over the flames

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^^^^^ Once again chi =)
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Chi, you're funny! =)
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Does she catch fire even when in water? (In the TR4/TRLE engine, she does )
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