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Default Tomb Raider Fanfiction Competition #9 - Entries

Nooo, I'm not being presumptuous for anyone who missed it, Ashnod announcing me as winner of the last comp is here (I just wanted to be sure ). Without further ado:

Theme: Deep-sea Drama: Simply write an adventure in which Lara finds herself needing to overcome the dangers of the sea – or at a the very least a large lake. What creatures could be lurking there? What is Lara after that requires a dip in the sea? Etc, all, the usual stuff. Feel free to explore the possibilities. Snorkel/breathing gear optional.

Word limit suggested between 100 - 5000 words (I expect most entries will be around 2000 words, but I like giving flexibility if it is needed)
Use proper spelling and grammar
Leave a blank line between paragraphs for the purposes of posting the entry on the forums
The entry must follow the theme outlined above (but how you include the theme is up to you)
The entry must be original, your own work, and specifically written for this competition
The entry may refer to anything from the official games, but not to another person's fan-created content
One official entry per person (if you post more than one that's fine, but indicate which entry will be voted upon)
All entries must be posted in this thread by the deadline
Every participant must vote in the subsequent voting thread in order to have their own entry count
The winner of this competition will need to host the next one!

Ashnod’s two month deadline seemed to work well, so I am tentatively continuing it, if everyone is agreeable. Did the two months seem right to you or seem too long? For now, unless there are objections, then:

Deadline: 07 October 2010. (that's one extra week from the original date)

Previous Fanfic Competition Threads for Reference:

Fanfic Competition #1, Voting, and Results

Fanfic Competition #2: Tomb Raider Levels, Voting, and Results

Fanfic Competition #3: Without Warning..., Voting, and Results

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Fanfic Competition #5: Unlikely Situations, Voting, and Results

Fanfic Competition #6: Pick Your Poison, Voting, and Results

Fanfic Competition #7: The Sun, Voting, and Results

Well the dip in the water should cool you off during the summer! Enjoy your writing .

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Great theme! I'll start brainstorming and researching for a story idea tonight
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Thumbs up

Thanks for the great theme and huge amount of time given! I will definitely enter!
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I will definitely enter this one.
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love this theme so i see what i can come up with.
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Very cool theme I wonder what inspiration will strike me this time
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Awesome theme! Already have an idea for it
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can it be a very large bathtub?
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Originally Posted by aurora89 View Post
can it be a very large bathtub?
Sorry, no. It must be a sea, river or lake or other very large mass of water. I'll let you off with a very large tank similar to those found in Core games, but that's the limit for indoor swimming.

Just a reminder: There's one month left to enter.
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Haha, so I actually got hit with inspiration (from my own life, naturally... fun times!). Warnings for mentions of squicky girly issues, I guess? If you're an immature 13-year-old guy who gets grossed out by relatively minor girl stuff, skip this one.

(oh yes-- and this takes place after Underworld, where Lara has moved back into her old TR3 manor. ^_^ )

Shark Week

"Oooohhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Gaaaahhhh!"

Zip followed the eerie screams into the secret passageway, pretty damn impressed with himself for finding it. Granted, the door was just sitting open, but still! He'd never seen it there before, so he might not have noticed it. The tunnel led into a huge open space with a glass aquarium on all sides. It gave him the shivers.

"Ohhhhhhh!" The voice cried again. It definitely sounded closer and more like Lara's from down here. He heard splashing from... above him? Freakily enough, there was a hole in the ceiling, over the big box. He climbed onto it, grunting and panting, and then climbed onto the wooden floor in front of him. As he pulled up, what he saw almost made him slip and crack his head open in surprise.

Winston was sitting on a cushion at the end of the little hallway, a silver tea tray in front of him with a cozied teapot and two cups and saucers. Also on the tray was a plate of brownie-things, a small stack of Cadbury chocolate bars, and a bottle of pills.

"Hey, Winston!" Zip greeted the old man. "How's it hanging? And how did you get up here?"

"Good afternoon, Master Zip." Winston didn't turn his head. His back was to Zip, and he seemed to be staring down at something in front of him. Zip approached him, and suddenly saw that Lara was in a hole in the floor in front of him, apparently treading water in the aquarium.

"Zip," she gasped. Her hair was matted against her head and the sides of her face, and her cheeks were wet from either water or tears (or maybe both). "Please tell me the repairman is here."

"No, not yet. Why the hell are you in the fish tank, anyways?" Zip asked.

"It's heated."

"Yeah, but--"

"The bloody water heater is broken again," Lara growled.

"Okay, but--"

"Master Zip, perhaps now isn't the best time for frivolous questions," Winston suggested. Lara screamed again, gripping the wooden side of the hole.

"Gaaah, it hurts!" she cried. "Why does it hurt so bloody bad, Winston?"

"I assume it's because you've inherited your mother's tilted womb and tendency to pass clots," Winston said patiently.

"It was a rhetorical question," Lara grumbled. "I'm sure Zip is delighted to be a part of this conversation. But I suppose you're right. Bloody clots... literally bloody... Why was I not born a male? May Natla curse the day I was conceived!"

"Oh!" Zip suddenly got it. First he felt a little slow for taking so long to get it, then he felt a little weirded out that Winston apparently knew so much about the Croft women's girl problems, and then he felt even more weirded out that now he knew about them too. He stared down into the tank, trying to think of something funny to say. "Hey, aren't you afraid you'll attract the sharks? You know... with the blood?" D'oh.

"There aren't any sharks down here," Lara said crossly. "Only peaceful tropical saltwater fish. And there's no blood to speak of at the moment, thank you very much. I suspect I'll be far more pleasant when that changes. Winston, can't the heat be turned up any higher?"

"You've nearly killed the fish," the butler reminded her gently. "They are tropical saltwater fish, yes, but we're already at thirty-five degrees!"

"To hell with the fishes!" she snapped. "Turn it up higher!"

"It simply doesn't go any higher, Lara," Winston apologised. "It was built to heat fish, not agonised British heiresses with broken water heaters."

Lara cried out in frustration again, a cross between a groan and a scream, and rested her forehead against the splintery wooden plank. "Where is the bloody repairman?!"

"I told him about the thousand pound bonus you offered if he got here in the next half hour, and also that he could let himself in," Winston replied, looking cool as a cucumber. Apparently this happened more often than Zip realised. "If there's anything further you'd like me to get for you--"

She muttered something Zip couldn't quite hear, and Winston chuckled. "But Lara, that hasn't been a possibility for at least seven years."

"Don't laugh at me!" she wailed, looking murderous. "Stranger things have happened, depending on your religious beliefs! I've faced down goddesses, Atlanteans, dinosaurs, and eitr. Immaculate conception hardly seems unlikely, and it hurts so. Bloody. Bad! It cannot be possible to be in this much pain without a living creature trying to claw its way out of my stomach!"

Zip and Winston tried not to laugh, mostly successfully. Lara opened her mouth to rage at them, and Winston quickly stuck one of his homemade brownies into her mouth. "Have some chocolate ganache," he said kindly. "Extra chocolate."

The cake definitely improved her mood. Zip helped himself to one, earning himself a half-glare from Lara, but fortunately she was too absorbed in eating her own to snarl at him. Winston sure could bake, Zip had to give him that! Once Lara was finished with the ganache, Winston took the teapot and poured some tea into a teacup-- except when it cleared the spout, Zip saw that it wasn't tea at all, but frothy hot cocoa. The butler broke off a piece of chocolate and dropped it into the cup before handing it to Lara.

"Thank you," she said, taking a sip. She was holding onto the side of the hole with one hand to keep from having to tread water while she held the hot liquid. After a moment, she exhaled sharply and rested her forehead on the back of her ledge-holding harm, breathing like a woman in labour.

"Here, Lara." Winston opened the bottle of aspirin and poured two into his hand. Lara looked up and then opened her mouth for him, and he placed them onto her tongue so she didn't have to touch them with wet, fishy hands. She immediately washed the two tablets down with cocoa, then set the cup back on the saucer, which Winston had set next to her other hand.

"Winston, I need my gun," she announced.

"What are you going to do with that?" Zip asked nervously as Winston took one of her silver pistols out of his inside jacket pocket.

"Go kill the rest of the bloody fish, of course," Lara said, her tone only slightly teasing. "I need to shoot something while I wait for the aspirin to kick in."

With that, she took a deep breath and dove under the surface.

"Can she do that?" Zip asked.

Winston shrugged. "The glass is bulletproof," he answered.

"It wasn't the glass I was worried about," Zip replied, but didn't push the issue. "Actually, y'know what? I'm gonna go wait for the repairman to get here."

"Very well." Again, Winston didnt move from his seat. Zip shook his head and hurried off.

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