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Well it's only better ( for me) in some aspects. But they're all great games.
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Legend 4ever
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I'm playing it ATM, it's pretty challenging. It took me a few hours to get used to the isometric platform style, but the game is fun so it wasn't that hard. I'm currently at the Belly of the Beast level. Better than TRU and TRA, that's for sure.
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Linoshi Croft
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The Game was Amazing and is the best DLC this year
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6/10 is the score I might give the game.

I'll explain myself.

I grew up playing the Classics Tomb Raider (1-AoD). I got stuck many times, I've been killed thousand of times but each times I was killed, it was either because of lacks of Medpacks, ennemies or a bad jump (running next to an edge is something to avoid). Each time, it was my own fault.

Then came Legend, Anniversary, Underworld. There again, when I was killed, it was because of lowhealths or that kind of thing...

In both case, nothing ruined my experience.

... Yet, with GoL, I pulled of my hair thousand of times by frustration.

First, I play on PC... And I don't have any gamepad, so I use my good old keyboard... Which is an issue.

Many of the challenge, traps, things to unlock rely on jumping fast or in a certain direction... And I quickly got annoyed to see Lara unable to jump in the right direction because of the WASD/Arrows issue... Mainly the jump-on-spider-jar thing on the first level. CD should have expected this and work on something to help the keyboard users. No fun here.

Secondly, the ennemies... Let's say it becomes a real nightmare to be constantly knocked down in any direction while shooting and (trying to) dodge the fireball thrown at you. There is so much action and characters in the same piece sometimes that you just simply get lost in the action and you shoot everywhere (while still being knocked down). Still no fun here.

Thirdly, the puzzles/challenges. Most of them are brillant and hard, which is a good thing... Yet there should be a good balance. Seeing Lara being killed one time is okay, but thousand of times ruind the experience... And most of the time, it wasn't because I was killed by an ennemy or because some spiked wall crushed me...

... But because the game didn't consider a button I pressed (btw, it's hilarous that they censor 'button' into '****on' in the multiplayer chat), or because of the directional problem (WASD), or simply because... Too much things to do at once? Let's take the level where you're chased by a giant beast on a bridge...
One challenge required you to kill all the creatures on the column... While dodging their fireball... Before the beast comes to you. Right. Something to lose our nerves on in the end. This kind of scenario appears quite often and to see our score suffering from this can be frustrating.

Another issue: The multiplayer mode.

Is it normal for PC players (or online gaming) that both of the players have to stick together? I mean. When we play online, both of the players have their own Tv screen/monitors... Yet, if one player pauses the game, the other player is forced to wait for him/her before leaving the pause menue... And you can't go away from your partner without being stuck by an invisible wall. This is not normal...
Resident Evil 5 had a co-op system too yet, the game didn't stop each time one of the players wanted to change weapon or just paused the game.
Plus, you can't even chat while in the objectives/inventory/pause menue.

So, overall, the game is nice, yet it's not awesome and I managed to get frustrated thousand of times, ruining my gameplay. Don't take me wrong, I played through the whole series before playing GoL, I know how it is to die because of a stupid mistake, yet never in the past I got that much frustrated because of random knocking down or just because the game didn't take in consideration my jump button (or just because I unvoluntarily walked too close of an edge full of spikes and the game decided to kill me there) and most of the rewards to win consist into "TRYING UNTIL YOU GET IT!! ROFL" which is, of course, annoying. A challenge should be fun to try and to get rewarded from, and none of the challenge from GoL made me feel that way, most of them after a while looked like burden instead of gaming. For that, I don't look forward replaying the levels that much, perhaps playing a little bit some Co-op, but nothing more... I had my experience and I'd rather spend my money on something that won't frustrate me that much.

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Vic Volts
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Default Nice review here

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i give it a 9/10 over all gameplay was great! enemies and bosses were fun to battle, levels were very open and nice to look at, puzzles were challenging, and weapons and artifacts were awesome

only problem was some challenges were too hard for my liking, ones were you had a certain amount of time to do something and that horrible hole in one achievement which i still can't do
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Mark Twix
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I've just got it and play it now it is very different compared to the Tomb Raider series point of view but I think it will be interesting.

Play it on PC the bad thing is I can't configure to use my game pad correctly ah well with keyboard and mouse then... hmm hopefully that will work.

Played almost every TR game from TR1 to Underworld, I'll edit this post with my rating later after playing a couple of hours...

In general I don't like a hectic gameplay that much but maybe I can get into that.

Well now that I've played ~75% of the game I can say it is not really a Tomb Raider Game (thus the name LC atgol) mainly due to the point of view and the power ups one can get through the artifact and items that makes you think you play some arcade R-Type shooter sometimes.

But the riddles are nice and once you get used to the POV the game is fun. So if you free your mind from the idea it's a Tomb Raider game and also you are not to much denying the fact that Lara most of the time is but far away from your eyes you will have some good fun playing this game.

The playtime is not that much guess in 8-10 hours you are though for sure but it's okay considering the low price, the big plus seems to be the 2 player idea though personally I can't say much about it since I play alone.

I would rate it 7/10 while I would rate Underworld 10/10 so you can compare my opinion.

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I've done whole Single Player on 18h, but it could it be 12 or even 10, but I've tried to get all goodies on the game (only single player), for me CO OP on LCGoL, is really fun part of game, you have no idea what is your partner doing, you have to go trough on him/her, this is fun

Some enemies are so easy to kill, some other eh! Need little harder! Challenges on SP are easy (scores ex), hard as Time Trial (and some of challenges on last levels), but on DLCs is quite hard, you need practice more, the good thing is on CO OP your partner can be help you as well!

For me score of game is 6/10, there's still some bugs wouldn't patch yet, some players doing unfair glitches on Time Trial modes, I've seen some unbelievable high scores on the leaderbord, that's impossible to get over 1000000000!

But as a Digital Experience its fantastic so far!

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Good job on this it looked like it took a considerable amount of time.
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Originally Posted by MichelleCroft View Post
Good job on this it looked like it took a considerable amount of time.
Thank you

I've actually planned replay it later for going top on leaderbord, so I'm not actually finished with LCGoL

There is tips for give you highest score as possible: Keep your relic bar almost full, if you were hit or die, you lose 5k of your score, and lost the bar, so exit the game and continue again, you will be continue the game from last checkpoint you was, still full bar and saved score.

For time its totally depend on your ability to going fast as you can, rolling all the times, ignore enemies as you can, but you need to kill them some times, so pick up high damageable weapons like Spear of Fire, Golden shotgun, on some levels there are tips, but they aren't glitch, normal game, keep focus and practice
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