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Default The Colony

Anyone watch this show, on Discovery? I know there was a first season but I just started with the second (going now) and I love it! As an apocalypse freak it's really cool to see what the world might be like after the crumble of civilization and what we'll have to do to survive. It's also frustrating when the colonists do something so stupid and you just know you could do things better.
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I saw a preview for it when I went to go see Salt, but I haven't actually watched the show yet. It looks interesting, maybe I'll give it a watch
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I watched some of it once and I thought it was kind of silly and exaggerated...
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As interested as I am in the premise--survival--I hate manufactured drama shows where everyone talks to the camera behind other participants backs.
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i saw part of the first season and the first episode of the second, i like it, and learned a few things about survival in a hostile town, or just plane crappy environment, never do i want to live in africa or another third world contry- i respect them, but just don't want to live there, you can say i'm a neat freak in a way, i hate being dirty by unknown things or touch things that look nasty , even when i eat sushi, i never get raw fish
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