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Default Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3
Developer: Avalanche Studios
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX One
Release Date: 2015

Game Informer December cover: Just Cause 3

Itís been more than four long years since Swedish developer Avalanche Studios released the outrageous open-world game Just Cause 2. Players gravitated to gunfights atop moving vehicles, the versatile parachute, and the innovative tether that could link nearly any two objects, humans, or a combination of the two. The 400-square-mile world provided the ideal backdrop for players to go nuts, with many players hitting the 100-hour mark to earn 100-percent completion or to simply goof around with the wild physics. The mod and YouTube community kept interest in the game alive for years after launch and eventually pushed sales to more than six million units.

In 2015, the beloved series returns with Just Cause 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We got the chance to be the first people outside of the studio to play not just 10 or 20 minutes, but several hours of the game. The time flew by as we tried out the vastly improved parachute and grapple mechanics, terrorized the latest dictatorís well-defended bases, and soared through the sky with the all-new wingsuit. Just Cause has never played this smoothly, and as youíll see in the cover story launching digitally today, itís never looked this good.
Game Informer

Just Cause 3 Game Informer Information

Former developers who worked on Ratchet, Infamous, AC, FC, Burnout all worked on this game.

Full fly over map of the world showed oceans, huge land masses containing cities, islands, mountains (one with a giant skull on the side).

There was a huge fortified base which the player found a small cave on a river nearby that allowed for a secret underground passage into the base.

One structure had a huge bridge connecting two towers, you are able to blow up the bridge.

New engine allows for much more verticality of the terrain.

Story takes place in the Mediterranean, a fake city where Rico grew up. An evil dictator has taken over and you need to stop him. Not much connection to the last two games, a few references and former characters appear.

Same balance of being fun and silly with the story. Will focus more on Rico but it wont be a heavy story game, more focused on the sandbox play.

Game world is the same size as JC2.

First mission is to free a small town. Controls are much more responsive. No longer need pinpoint aiming to attach the grapple. Parachute controls are more responsive.

No more messing up in reeling in a guy or you pulling a guy, now it for sure works as you intend. You can shoot at a guy mid reel.

Towns have tons of propaganda to destroy. You cannot throw C4 but now you have infinite C4.

Guns feel much more powerful, have weight to them. Controls are better so player was flying around and shooting with ease.

Damage makes the screen lose color except enemies will get brighter. No health packs, health regen. No dodge roll right now, they say they didn't like it. Crouch is gone, they dont ever want the player to be in one place.

Heat grows the more damage you do but you dont have to run away. You can kill the guard calling in reinforcements and stop further waves from coming in, ending the heat growth.

There was a police station that was destructible, he trows a grenade and creates a new doorway. Inside he sees a red barrel, they no longer have a health bar instead you see damage in real time, bullet holes and flames. He found a panel that opened the gate for rebels to come in. He used that distraction to rain down red barrels onto the swat team.

Attaching to a helicopter allows you to instantly take out the pilot and take over, no QTE. Or you can hang from the bottom. Even plant C4 on the helicoper and let go, then blow it up. They took control and gunned the rest of the base.

A checklist on the left side of the screen shows everything you have destroyed and what objects are left to clear the area.

New remote teather retracting allows you to attach the tether to any object and have it retract. So a giant statue was pulled down by attaching the tether to the floor and retracting. The statue crumbles in different ways each time, the head stays in tact just in case you want to use it as a giant wrecking ball.

This new mechanic allows you to slingshot enemies without needed a moving object. You can attach a guard to a wall, retract and cut mid retraction to sling shot them. Things get crazier since you can have 3 maybe more tethers going at once. Stuff liking making a bus a battering ram is possible.

Liberated towns allow you to decrease heat, bring vehicles to the shop so it becomes a rebel drop. Drops no longer cost money, it is all free but has a cooldown timer.

It is possible to upgrade every vehicle with any of the upgrades you find. As the game goes on you will get army grade vehicles.

They tried a racing challenge, a car sits waiting at the start line but you can call in your vehicle if you want. Cars feel arcadey but handle much better. That is why they brought in Burnout veterans. Your friends best time shows up and in the final game you can race against their ghost.

Wingsuit challenges is like pilotwings, there are rings to pass through, some harder ones offer bonuses. Restarting a challenge is far faster. You can activate the wingsuit with the press of a button just like the parachute. Best to use when going from high to low altitude.

The final mission of the demo was a big base where the player has SAM missiles and helicopters firing at him. There was an infinite chaingun that you can now move and shoot with. You can blow up the SAM sites with C4 or now reprogram them to fire on the enemy helicopters.

He died shooting at a radar dish from a mounted turret, now you respawn right outside the enemy base. He needed a cannon to take out the dish but it was in a place where he could not aim at it so he pulled the cannon with the tether to a new location.

No multiplayer but they will support the mod community.
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I've always wanted to get into this series, so I went on steam to see how much the first two are, and they are currently on sale.

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Why does Rico look like Nathan Drake? O_O
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Originally Posted by Mr GaGa View Post
Why does Rico look like Nathan Drake? O_O
It's quite ironic really as Rico is actually the male Lara croft; his face changes for every game.
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He really does look like Nathan Drake. That's way past 'similar features'.

The whole picture looks like it could be from Uncharted 4, honestly.

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^ It's just art though, so you should take it with a grain of salt.
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Let's not forget that Drake is very typical looking, so anyone in the right angle and lighting can "look like Drake."
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So I guess I'm the only one seeing Booker DeWitt?
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Originally Posted by robm_2007 View Post
Let's not forget that Drake is very typical looking, so anyone in the right angle and lighting can "look like Drake."
True, In this magazine he does resemble Drakes likeness but not Charlie Sheen. We all know the new Drake model looks like Charlie Sheen but Rico doesn't so I guess that seperates them
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Ignoring the obvious bait in here, this game is gonna be flipping awesome! Had a blasty blast playing 2, probably gonna buy the original over xmas just for the hell of it.
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