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Default Tomb Raider:Legend good game or bad game?

Alot of people say tomb raider legend is amazing. Other people say legend sucks what do you guys think?
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If you love the older games you probably won't like it... But its amazing, very excellent, just too short. Its certainly divides opinion..
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There are many factors for people to either hate or love Legend. For me, I'm on the hate side, which I think most people are on in the forums.

Some things that really make the people here want to burn the game and the two sequels that follow were things like Zip and Alister being annoying, Not continuing where the old games were they were still in the same universe but with lots of things retconned, Short and Easy Game, More graphical detail focused on than gameplay, Lara being over emotional and not being like her old self, Obvious "White Ledges" that Lara can grab onto, Grapple, Lara being fast and light as a feather when she jumps, Cheaply put together story about Lara's mother that was intertwined with the King Arthur and Thor myths.

It is not just Legend itself that made people hate it.
Anniversary contributed to some of it by getting intertwined in the story and when you get all the achievements for Legend on the 360 you still have to download the DLC for Anniversary even if you have the disc for it and complete that to get a completed game on your list.
Underworld also contributed a lot like mixing Anniversary and Legend even more and bringing the "mommy" story back with it.

Lara Croft Guardian of Light was the only game the I think most Core Design <3ers liked.
This game improved on so many things like the white ledges, difficulty and length.

edit: Here is a list of what I wanted to be added and removed from the game:
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I loved Legend when I first played it, the storyline, the level design, the gameplay, I even thought Zip and Alister were funny! It had a huge impact on me, I played it again and again.

The thing is, it was the first TR game I ever played, even the first REAL game I played to be honest! Everything was still challenging and fun for me... (I even got stuck here and there, don't tell anyone!)

But later, when I discovered there were more Tomb Raider games, the Core games, I began to realize Legend was nothing like TR, really. I watched vids about the older games and I absolutely LOVED them, I bought Chronicles recently.

So, no, I don't think Legend is a good Tomb Raider game, and a weak game even if it's not considered Tomb Raider, but it IS fun and it deserves a special place in my heart. (L)

Now that was cheesy...
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Legend was short boring and annoying but it was Crystals first ever Tomb Raider game so ill give em credit
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Tomb Raider Legend is a good game, however it is far from the best Tomb Raider game.
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whaa whaa whaa! "i want classic lara" dgndingsdlgbnadsjgk!!!1

gosh! move along already! go back on you're PS1 if you die for classic lara.
yes i love ALL LARAS but move along already. + TRL = GOOD! ... another thread like this also?
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tr fan 4 ever
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I really like Legend.
Lara is beautiful, graphics are awesome, musics are great, there are lots of action in the game.
However the game is really short and easy.
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Tomb Raider
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Originally Posted by tomee View Post
+ keys/levers/puzzles - eh that's what makes TR, TR
+ more levels, longer and harder ones
+ more puzzles
+ more real outfits, rather than having recoloured ones. (TRA did very good in this way)
+ X-box graphic
+ Braid
+ A better use of the motorbike in Japan. You just jumped on it and did something crazy. Which is again very cheap I think. (If I saw it right from the first trailer, she used to end up in a wet greenhouse or something)
- mommy
- cutscenes. -> 2 steps, cutscene, 2 steps, cutscene, two steps, cutscene
- speeches - It's okay to talk w/ someone while exploring, but there was waaaay too much talk.
- magical artifact - It's nice to have a powerful artifact, but using it at the and against a big bad monster is very cheap IMO. They could keep it as a cheat at the end though
- motorbike parts - lolwhat. (TRU had better use of motorbikes)
- emotions except the ones from the old lara croft.
- ponytail
- adrenalin like battles
And I didn't even bitch about the beta/ alpha (or whatever) stuff. Except the braid

P.S. I think Amanda and Rutland is fine. She had a villain in every Tomb raider so why would you omit them in TRL? :/

I really liked this game first. But it looks a lot more awful after playing the classics. Although it's still a tomb raider so I can't say I hate it.
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!Lara Croft!
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Legend is a good game by itself...

...its just an awlful "Tomb Raider" game.
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