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Default Tomb Raider Wii U

Hey guys! (warning! this is a big thread containing images )
We all know now that Tomb Raider is only exclusive for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.
It's a wise choice to ignore the Wii version because of Wii's poor graphics, but now when Nintendo is back with their brand new console Wii U, that will be out 2012... it feels like Tomb Raider would be a perfect fit for the console, and dare I say... maybe the best fit yet

I have made some quick concepts of how Tomb Raider could look like when played on the Wii U.

and what I have been shocked over is... that Wii U may make the game... even more realistic. Let me show you the ideas so you know what I mean

First of all, we know that the Wii U got a 6,2 inch touchscreen placed in the middle. The controller may look quite silly, but this might just give the perfect feeling while playing Tomb Raider.

Menu in Tomb Raider:
The Menu in Tomb Raider would give the game some extra eye candy.
As we all know, everyone likes pleasant eye candy, and what's not better in making a menu that is more visual than only having text describing what is for what.

(Click for larger image)

Here we have what I would think would be a pretty decent menu.
4 options to pick from:
1) "More Items" - to be able to pick the desired weapon/item/object
2) "Health" - a separate menu where Lara can heal herself on many different ways, using herbs and "medicine" or even food she has found throughout her "stay" at the island ^^ not only that, there will be a complete diary showing off her previous health statuses (for example: May 13 - got hit by a rock) lol
3) "Map" - will be available only if she now finds a map, or sketches one herself?? with this option, the player will be able to make "notes" and draw crosses and dots to really know where the player should go to, to finish an objective.
4) "Objectives" - and of course all quests in one place all previous quests will not be erased, only crossed over giving it a "real feeling" that it's actually a notebook/piece of paper she keeps beside her to really know what she needs to do.
and also "Back 2 Game" - where you can choose to get back to the regular gaming mode ^^ (please note that the menu can be shown on the controller, even if the player plays on the TV.)

Gaming on the Controller:
The cool feature with Wii U is you can play without the TV, this may just be an amazing feature for Tomb Raider fans who wants to play the game whenever.

(Click for larger image)

As you see on this picture, you have simply the game, in the upper corner to the right you got the health bar, to the lower corner to the right, you got simply a button which shows you what weapon you're currently using, if you tap on the button, the (previous shown) Menu will pop up, so you can change your weapon / or more.
and now to the coolest feature, which can be used both with or without the TV screen... Game Perspectives.

By pressing this button, you get to see the world as Lara sees it.

Game Perspectives:
If you're using a TV while playing Tomb Raider, you will have a 100% realistic feeling when pressing "Lara's Perspective" button.
This turns your controller, into Lara's sight, meanwhile on the TV you see simply what the camera sees.
In this case, you see on the controller how Lara sees Roth when she slowly falls down into the ocean, but if you look at the TV, you will see exactly how Roth sees Lara falling into the ocean.

what makes this even more realistic is the gyroscope feature the Wii U has built in, this means that you can look around with your controller, and Lara will turn around in game on the TV screen exactly the same way you turn, if you turn right, she'll turn right, if you turn left, she'll turn left, this all just to give you the exact feeling that you really control Lara's eyesight ^^

The same can be used without the TV of course, but then you see only 1 perspective only, so you can't for example on the control both be Lara's eyesight and be the camera at the same time lol!

Touch Features:
TouchScreen is ment to be touched! (duh!)
It's why there's so many opportunities where this feature would work perfectly throughout the game.

Example 1:

(Click for larger image)
Here we see the opening scene for the gameplay preview.
Instead of boringly used a joystick to make Lara swing from one corner to another, here we have a touch feature where you drag Lara where she now needs to swing to lol ^^ and on the side, we have a meter which shows you if you're swinging "Slow" , "Perfect" or "Fast".

Example 2:
What I did not enjoy with the E3 preview of the Tomb Raider gameplay was the easy "pull out the spike by pressing X"-feature which occured when Lara well fell down and got pierced by it.
Not only did it seem to easy, it seemed to unrealistic as well.

(Click for larger image)
This though, can be totally changed with the Wii U controller.
To pull out the spike out of Lara's body, you need precisely drag the spike out by touching the touchscreen, not to fast, not to slow.
You see a "meter" to the left that will show you when you're dragging "Perfect" or "Critical" and when you're dragging "Perfectly", Lara's screaming is more calm and stable, but if you're dragging "Critically" Lara's screams turns into something terrible, and there is a chance Lara may bleed out and die. (or something lol ^^)

What do you guys think!?!

If this would be reality... I would seriously think that this game was specially designed for the Wii U and ported to the other platforms, because it really can give features that the other platforms Tomb Raider is announced for, can't.

I hope you enjoyed this little(ok it was long! lol!) presentation I made in about 1 hour to show you how perfect this game would be for Wii U ^^
Well at least that's what I think ^^

Share your opinions, and feedback! looking forward seeing your replies!

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Wow, you clearly thought this through very well. IDK much about the Wii U, but from reading your ideas, it all sounds feasible to me. I definitely approve.

Though, I have to be honest, I really don't think TR will be released for it. But hey, weirder things have happened - there's still over year until the game comes out. You never know.
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nice thread...it seems u have many creative ideas....i think many of them could fit also in the psp VITA..
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maybe yes maybe no,
remember that tomb raider anniversary was ps2 exclusive at beginning, then it ported to psp, then 360 and finally ps3!
who knows?
The point is to never give up, and keep trying for the better!
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KC Mraz
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Now this a detailed thread, impressive! Some creative ideas there, I can see them working well.

I'd rather have Tomb Raider Vita though, I'm not really impressed with the Wii U.

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Tomb Raider
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You clearly have put a lot of thought on this.

However, I'm not really a fan of Nintendo's consoles so I'm gonna say that I'm indifferent on this subject.
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Tomb Raider
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Woah! You made a great job there! Yes please, I want all of that!
That attitude won't get you far around here, SquareEnix.
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This would be so awesome
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Tomb Raider
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Originally Posted by RAID View Post
You clearly have put a lot of thought on this.

However, I'm not really a fan of Nintendo's consoles so I'm gonna say that I'm indifferent on this subject.
I agree with this.

I love the detail you have put into this, but something in me just screams "STAY AWAY FROM THE Wii!" when I think about Tomb Raider.
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Originally Posted by KC Mraz View Post
Now this a detailed thread, impressive! Some creative ideas there, I can see them working well.

I'd rather have Tomb Raider Vita though, I'm not really impressed with the Wii U.
Don't see a reason why it couldn't come out on both. Both were designed for relatively easy porting. Only extra sales for Squared Eidos and Nixxes does great ports so.
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