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Default Can someone track you down with your cell phone number?

This may sound a bit paranoid, but I'm wondering if it's possible for somebody to track you down somehow if they know your cell phone number. I've read countless Yahoo Answers posts and everyone says different things. I made the mistake of responding to a text of someone I don't want any contact with, and certainly don't want them tracking me down. I know I'd probably be better off changing my number completely, but I'm pretty sure I'd have to pay for that and I'd rather not waste money on it if it's not even really possible to track someone down with their cell phone number. =/
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I have no idea, seems a little bit too Hollywood movie to me, but if you're not in big trouble with someone then I really wouldn't worry about.
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With things like GPS being used in iPhones and the like, tracking mobile phones is certainly possible. There was a story in the UK not too long ago, people were complaining because Apple (and the network provider for iPhones over here) were accumulating location information of people with iPhones. Apple and the provider said that it was purely to keep tabs on their own network coverage, but obviously people were dubious.

So yeah, your phone can be tracked, which means you can be tracked. But that's not to say the ability or information is openly available to the public.
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Ward Dragon
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Possibly. I think the less advanced your phone is, the harder it is to track (as Spong pointed out, iPhone and whatnot actually have apps to track people whereas a pay-as-you-go phone might not even know who you are let alone tell anyone else).

If he doesn't already know the general area you live in, he could use the phone number's area code to figure it out and then do a search of your name and that place. He might or might not get lucky depending on how many results there are.

If you're seriously worried about this guy finding out where you live then be extra careful and if you notice anything suspicious then report it to security or the police.
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Yes! It could be possible, as you may of seen on CSI or NCIS Smart phones can be used as trackers, like them iPhones. with GPS in them, mostly used for kids to keep an eye on.
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Law enforcement and the like: Yes, they can do that, by asking the cell phone operator. For example, if you call 911 (in the US) or 112 (in the EU) with a modern phone, emergency services will automatically receive your current position along with the call.

You can sign up to some service that will allow you to track your cell phone, for example in case you lose it. All those services require your action and your consent.

Anyone else can't track you that way. The network operators don't hand out that kind of data without thinking. So in your particular case, I wouldn't be too worried.
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sierra xb
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Thank god I don't even own a cell phone...so no worries for me If someone wanted to track me, they'd have to do it the old-fashioned way *hmm...I wonder what sierra's footprints look like*
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Ugh, I think it's BECAUSE I watch too many crime-drama TV shows that I'm so paranoid. Damn technology causes more problems than it's worth sometimes. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I appreciate it! For now, I'm not going to freak out too much about it. If I notice anything suspicious though I'll definitely reach out to the appropriate party.
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The only secure way you can turn off any tracking is to take the cell battery out, cause they can still track even in the off state.

I know it's scary to think about what they can do with this tech, but I guess 1984 has to creep in somehow.
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Yes they can track you down if you call emergency services but thankfully i don't have a cell phone.
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