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Lightbulb Lyndsy Fonseca IS Lara Croft. (Perfect for Reboot Tomb Raider film)

It just hit me. Lyndsy Fonseca (click for IMDB profile) is LARA CROFT.

Originally Posted by PaNtHERA View Post

Originally Posted by tampi View Post

If you believe she makes a strong candidate for the reboot film as Lara Croft, you have three ways to let GK films know we want Lyndsy as Lara Croft:

Like and write on their wall at their Official Facebook page (facebook.com/GKFilms)
Follow and tweet at their Twitter account (twitter.com/gkfilms)
E-mail them at contact@gk-films.com

Let them know about this facebook page ( Lyndsy Fonseca for Lara Croft ) and possibly with this link: http://bit.ly/tnDPdp

Lastly if you haven't, like Lyndsy Fonseca and follow her @LyndsyMFonseca

Originally Posted by b.gluch View Post


She is young, attractive and very, very versatile. Have you seen this girl in action in Nikita? (currently on its second Season). She's also definitely one of the descent actresses out there. Only thing she'll have to work on is getting an accent coach to get on her British accent.

Originally Posted by TheRCroft View Post
Hey there, Lara.

Her character in the series involves herself being an agent-in-training so while she can definitely fight, she also has vulnerability, like the young Lara Croft, which is all in the same direction as the reboot video game.

Here are some clips to give you an idea of what she can do, as much as I hate to use clips that contains spoilers.



Jump into 2:38 unless you don't mind watching 2 minutes of talking

Now visualize and imagine Lyndsy as Lara in this trailer. I'm telling you, this girl is IT. Hollywood would be nuts to not cast her.

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I absolutely adore Lyndsy and I would love to see her as Lara, I think she can do it.

I bet it's an unpopular opinion, though.
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Sure, why the hell not?

Teach her the accent and she's on her way. She's like a young Angelina, Appearence wise, but she also looks like Lara.
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Yeah she's a good solid choice but hell of a misleading thread title.
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She actually looks really good! I like her!
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She seems to be a good actress and she does look good but she somehow just doesn't look like Lara to me.
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She's definately not the Lara, BUT she would make a perfect one .
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omg i was just about to find that "who should play Lara" thread and put her name in when i saw this

her work in Nikita shows she can do fight choreography, do accents well, and over all she's a good actress so i think she'd be perfect
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Originally Posted by PaNtHERA View Post

ugh can you not
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