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View Poll Results: Do you mind the long break CD is taking in terms of releasing information?
Yes, it's pretty annoying. 93 30.39%
It's okay, I don't mind. 142 46.41%
No, I'm happy about it. 40 13.07%
Been busy with penguins, there's a new TR in development? 31 10.13%
Voters: 306. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by Tombraider95 View Post
I didn't say he didn't?
That's what she gets for killing Steph and rejecting Alex's advances.
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Originally Posted by scremanie View Post

Originally Posted by LaraDuh View Post
I was happy about it. Now im annoyed somewhat.
Agreed! There must be something they can show us.
"Nothing like the corruption of innocence to spark the fire of creation"
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Linoshi Croft
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Even though I'm used to nothing so I don't expect it or get my hopes up which is a good thing when it finally drops.
"They say nothing lasts forever, we’ll have to prove them wrong.”
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Its annoying because their haphazzard and scatty approach to releasing information from the get go has caused me to lose interest. Over such a long period of time you'd think it would be more of a drip feed of information that was a bit more consistent but instead its like we have media releases on the scale of something you'd expect PRE-RELEASE and then...nothing for months.

There just nothing to discuss.

I am sure however, that it is ultimately up to Square Enix Europe how often and how much information gets released at any time so I blame their approach to publicity for not grabbing my interest in the long-run.

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Not at all bothered about it.
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"There's a new TR in development?".
"Why is no one having a good time? I specifically requested it."
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Yuna´s Wish
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It came to the point of plain annoyance. What can I do, though?

Reggie explained it perfectly.
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I am happy about it. I feel as if developers release too much information nowadays that by the time you get the game, you know all that is going to happen. I do feel as if they need to show something big at E3 however to get the crowd pumping again however. After that, I would gradually like to see little bits of information here and there. Perhaps a few screens, nothing related to the story etc.
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I don't mind. Whatever CD is doing behind the scenes is going to come out sometime.
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I voted yes, because I don't mind the wait like I've said elsewhere.
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