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Default New DLC -- leak?

I apologize if these have already been posted, but I was browsing Tumblr and ho:


Sure Shot


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larson n natla
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Dat escaped convict/janitor look -
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I never pictured Lara as janitor...and now I know why.

The mountaineer-one looks acceptable but the other two...
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Might be true. But that is not a DLC that I would ever pay money for.
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Mountaineer remembers me TRU snow light
and demolition remembers the beneath the ashes outfit
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Out of all them, I think the mountaineer one is the better one. I hope these are DLC costumes.
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This is single player dlc, right? Better be....

I like the Sure Shot one, not sure about the others.
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I love them!! o.o

i want the orange one

The last one looks like a outfit from TRU,but they look real!

EDIT: CD said no plans for Single player DLC, they changed they´re minds.
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The first one reminded me a little of that outfit Lara usually wore in Beneat The Ashes. The shirt at least. I'm not really liking the first one, but the two others actually look pretty cool. I love the one that looks like Underworld's Snow Light outfit. I actually hated that outfit before in Underworld - I always chose Snow Heavy - but for some reason it looks much better on Reboot Lara

Not sure if I would pay for this though. Hmmmm
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Are these legit then? Not some fanart or a PC mod or something?

Originally Posted by Xopax View Post
Mountaineer remembers me TRU snow light
Me too.
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