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Default Diagonal Ledge Tutorial

Diagonal Ledges
By: Zreen001

This tutorial was originally inspired by EssGee's "Beyond the Scion" diagonal ledges. Please note that Lara tends to turn when walking/running at the diagonal ledge- this is due to the nature of the No Collision involved.

This is a bit complicated...

You need:
NGLE {TRLE/TREP is fine but demo was in NGLE} from Paolone
WadMerger {At least Version 1.98 Beta} from Michiel
StrPix {At least Version 3 } from Terbo Pascal/IceBerg
Metasequoia LE {To create the side of the ledge} from O. Mizno
TBuilder {At least Version 2.4} from IceBerg

THE LEDGE (Part 1)

First off, taking care of the obvious. The tut title says Diagonal Ledges, so that's what I'm going to show you. Also, like in the title, the ledges are not paper-thin, however, the object itself may be paper-thin.
BE SURE TO SAVE OFTEN!!! In NGLE, the example is as follows:

************************************************** **********************
For the purpose of the tutorial, the room in the figures are as follows:
6x6 Room
10 Clicks High
2 Identically stacked rooms
Textured from a project I was working at the time of the first draft in 2011
************************************************** **********************

Create a 90 Degree Ledge (if you feel the need to plan out the diagonal path)

Line up the ends of the Ledge

On Both Sides of the diagonal ledge, raise a tile 1 click, and raise each corner of the new blocks away from the diagonal ledge by one click up:

Put No Collision on the raised corners, and clear the texture, along with the sides of the raised blocks:

Do the same underneath the ledge:

Texture the rest of the ledge, including the side not part of the diagonal part of the ledge

************************************************** ********************************************
Remember the texture used for the non-diagonal ledge side. It will be used later.
************************************************** ********************************************


Save and exit, then open Metasequoia. Create a primitive rectangular object; it doesn't have to be double-sided. Mess with the properties of the object so it looks like Figure 8. There are multiple ways to do this, but I found that the easiest was to go to PROPERTY option and change stuff until it looked like Figure 8:

[Figure 8 and 8b]
************************************************** ********************************
Notice that the rectangle is about a click high leveleditor-wise, and the edges go past the 2x2 level tile equivalent of a leveleditor tile? That is because this rectangle will be the hypotenuse of the diagonal ledge, explained later.
************************************************** ********************************

Save it as a .meq for reference and for backup purposes in case something goes wrong.
Then save it as a .dxf
Use these options:

Multiply {0.1}
Swap YZ


Close Meta, and open Texture Editor. Remember that texture you used for the non-diagonal ledge side? That comes into play now.
Open the texture set for your level, save it as a BMP, open it on Paint or whatever program you can crop pictures, and select the texture you used for the non-diagonal ledge side. Put it as a separate texture, and save it somewhere. Close both editors if saved.
Now open WadMerger and choose any item that doesn't crash when you insert a texture. For now, I'm using a salamander. Like Figure 10, select TEXTURE, and import the texture you saved as a separate texture.

************************************************** *************************************
While we're here, let's get an unneccesary static object from another wad. Choose anything. And add it to your wad as a static.
************************************************** *************************************

Close WadMerger, and open StrPix. Choose the unnecessary static, and import the .dxf of your ledge-side. Change the Visibility and Collision accordingly (by selecting the same mesh from the list of static meshes and choosing AUTOMATIC BOUND for both Visibility and Collision options).

The separate Texture you saved now comes into play. Select that texture (it should be there from the importing of the texture in WadMerger), and apply it to the ledge-side.

Save, and close.

THE LEDGE (Part 2)

Open up your project again in NGLE. Place the ledge-side on the ceiling above where it would show up diagonally from the side, and lower it down to INSIDE the ledge, meeting the non-diagonal ledge like so:

Repeat for all diagonal ledges.

Now, about those cracks. It’s inevitable since the wall was part of the raised part of the bridge, and it was necessary because of the No Collision needing to be on a triangle square. There are multiple ways to solve this, but here in this example I'm just going to create another room.

Of course, if the diagonal part of the ledges weren’t near the sides of the room, there wouldn't BE any cracks. So, sometimes, Figure 15 doesn't apply.

And the final result:

Also, to point out, this requires continuous testing to get it right. My Diagonal Ledge Side demo, when compared to the non-diagonal ledge side, is a little too long. As such, it hampers the reality of diagonal ledges. But, when done correctly, it looks amazing.

Have fun with your new ledge!
Thank you for your time

Originally Posted by KurtisandLara View Post
Heres the zip file for the diagonal wall object. Theres 2 statics included, Plant0 is for 1 block wide. Plant1 is for 2 block wide. These objects are untextured! You are going to have to texture them so they fit your level properly.

Enemies can be placed on the ledge, but can fall off the side due to No Collision. This can be avoided using the Box attribute. -Uzi master
A work-around for grabbing and maybe shimmying on diagonal ledges can be applied using the following tutorial by Level NextGen and Symsi:
How to grab a diagonal floor

Anim 461 is the one when Lara takes/touches the object
When she touches the specific object, the engine forces lara to do anim 487 which leads to anim 488 (as a transition anim)
Anim 488 is the new waiting animation where you are able to program your new animation for the diagonal ledge.

Animation= 489, KEY1_ACTION + KEY1_JUMP, IGNORE , IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, -488 ; Jump Upon Diagonal Ledge

When Lara hanging you can now program it with the jump or high touch to make Lara climb!
If there's a way for Lara to await player interaction while on a diagonal ledge instead of automatically jumping up, feel free to add it to the discussion page located in the general subforum.
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