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Default NGLE Removing textures

by Paolone

Remove Unused Tail Infos

Tail Infos are records keep information about origin and size of each texture you apply to face of rooms.

The max number of room tail infos is 1024. This value is enough high, anyway there is a bad management of tail infos in original level editor that causes the waste of many tail info records. Pratically the problem happens when you apply a texture (partial textures because this speech doesn't regard standard default size textures 64 pixel in v49 project or 128 pixel in v50 projects) and then you remove it with clear room command, or applying over those textures other different textures. In this situation the old tail infos will be not removed and for this reason the number of used tail infos (you can see in room panel info) is always growing.

This command permits to remove those old and not used tail infos to get more new free tail infos to apply in future.
Remark: this command perform a very complex operation and you should take some cautions when you use it.

You should save project before starting this command.
Then apply the command and save the project with a new different name.

Now check everything: you can use command "Check integrity textures" but you should also perform an "Find untextured" and an "output wad" operation.

Only when you are sure that all works fine you can go on to edit the changed level.

Clear Room

This command is an old command of original level editor. It remove all textures from current room. Note this command has no undo capability.

Clear Floor Selected Textures

This command works in similar way of original command "Textures->Clear Room" but with this new command you can remove textures only from specific selection.

This command performs different operations in according with current selection arrows. Really it's no important the specific direction of arrows but only the "kind" of arrow, to set three different working modes. (See following table)

Working Mode for Clear Textures


Working Mode

No arrow in selection.

If selection has no arrow, the command will remove textures
only from upper face while the side faces will be keeped.

You should use this mode when you want clear floor textures in sectors contiguous to walls preserving the wall textures.


Working Mode

Horizontal arrows in selection. If selection has horizzontal arrows this command will clear textures from upper faces and also from side faces.

You could use this mode when you want remove textures from an irregular floor (like that you get with "hills" or "mountains" effects).


Working Mode

Diagonal Arrows in selection. With diagonal arrows this command will not change upper surface but only the side faces.

Useful to clear textures only from walls.

Important Note:

Internal format of room editor to keep data about textures is a bit chaotic and you have to understand this format to use this command in correct way.

When you select (for example) a single square like that in following picture, you cann't remove all textures with a single Clear Texture command. The reason for this situation is because a single sector keeps informations only for upper face and two (not four) side faces: the west side face and north side face.

This limitation gets you cann't remove all side faces in above "cube" because side faces at south and east will be ignored.
To clear also east texture you'll have to select sector at east of our cube, because this square ( marked as "B" in above picture) has at west the side face we want clear.

Same speech for south texture of our cube, we'll can clear the side south face only selecting the square at south of cube (marked as "A" in above picture), since this "A" square has at north the side face of our cube.

We can solve these doubts simply selecting all floor, of course, anyway it's important understand this limitation in some situations where we want clear some textures and keep other in contiguous sectors.

For example if we want clear texture from wall, preserving contiguos floor textures, we should use different methods in according with cardinal position of wall to clear.

Following picture sequence show the squares to select and the kind of selection to use to clear the four walls of a room, in according with cardinal position of walls, preserving the floor and ceiling textures.

When you have to clear north and west walls, you must select NOT really the wall (you'll get nothing) but the square strip near to wall with diagonal selection to work ONLY on side faces preserving upper face.

Note that for north and west walls in some circustances (when the wall contains a grid with different faces) you should also perform two different command: Clear Floor (ALT F9) and Clear Ceiling (ALT F10).

Differently, it's more easy clear texture from East and South walls. In this case you must select own the wall with a "no-arrows" selection. For these walls you have no need to perform two commands, and it's indifferent to use Clear Floor or Clear Ceiling.

Clear Ceiling Selected Textures

Clear texture from selected ceiling squares.

This command works in similar way of above command Clear Floor Selected Textures the only difference is instead of "upper face" of floor it works on down face of ceiling.

Check Integrity Textures

Current command perform an analyse to verify if texture tail infos are corrects.

You should use this commmand after using "Remove Unused Tail Infos" anyway you can use it also to remove some hidden textures, overhall in sectors where you had set some texture and then you converted it in portal.

When it will be found some irregular tail info the face where there is this wrong tail info will be cleared from texture.

The list of all cleared wrong tail infos will be showed in a log file created at end of this command.

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