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The most complete and reliable guide to Tomb Raider Legend in the world...

Attachment 98

Who is Lara Croft?


At the age on nine, Lara survived a plane crash in the Himalayan mountains that resulted in the death of her mother. After miraculously surviving a 10 day solo trek from the crash site to Katmandu, she spent the rest of her life under the tutelage of her archeaologist father - the late Earl of Abbingdon, Richard Croft.

At the age of eighteen, after the death of her father, Lara inherited the Croft estates and became the Countess of Abbingdon. Since then she has been credited with the discovery of some sixteen archeological sites of international significance.

She has been hailed as both an Archeological Wunderkind and a glorified treasure hunter depending on who you listen to. There are thousands of rumours surrounding Lara's exploits, invariably involving the unexplained or outright unbelievable. Lara herself is never available for comment, which further adds to the veil of mystery which surrounds her life and work.

Consequently, Lara continues to be the focus of wild speculation and intense debate. Idealised and vilified in equal measure, she is perhaps one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures of our times.

Lara Croft is a world traveler, adventurer and archaeologist who seeks out relics and tombs, fueled by an obsession to uncover secrets of the great, ancient civilisations. She is a superb athlete, fluent in a dozen languages, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Lara Croft Model

Toby Gard, creator of Tomb Raider, Lara Croft and Legend's lead designer, comments on Lara's new Legend model as "A natural evolution. We're now using close to 10,000 polygons, so we're able to make her look much more realistic. She even gets wet when she goes into water, and she gets dirty if she rolls around in filthy tombs long enough." In fact, Lara now responds more realistically to her surroundings, if she is wet she will try and shake the water out of her hair and clothes. If she is cold, she may shiver.

Lara is more realistic than she has ever been. She has a collar bone, tendons, muscles, reactive eyes and emotional facial expressions. She will also speak her lines with accurate lip-synch. Advanced graphic techniques on the Xbox 360 and PC such as normal mapping add realistic imperfections to her skin.


Lara Croft will be voiced by BBC TV star Keeley Hawes.


Lara will have a few costume changes throughout TRL which Toby Gard has stated will not only reflect the environment she is raiding but also her fashionable style.

Standard Tomb Raiding Gear
Lara's standard expedition gear consists of the classic T-shirt and shorts combo. Its highly comfortable and practical for most situations and environments. It is made from high quality materials which are durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.

Cocktail Dress
An unexpected development requires Lara to shed her standard TR gear and dress for an even more dangerous situation - a formal corporate party. Every situation demands special attire, and her sleek cocktail dress (from an italian designer she refuses to name) is perfect for the setting. It restricts her behaviour to what's appropriate for social gatherings, offering no place to hide any weapons or gear. But if things turn violent, she has hidden assets that are more than up to the challenge...

Cold Weather Gear
In the colder climes of the world, nothing beats a heavy but stylish parker. In colder climates Lara will wear various layers of clothing which she can shed if things start to heat up.

Storyline and Characters


Lara Croft's search for a South American relic changes course dramatically when she meets a dangerous figure from her past, and she finds herself in a race to recover one of history's most famous artifacts.

Eidos is intent on keeping the plot of TRL as secret as possible. What we do know is that TRL will dive much deeper into Lara's past than any other game. During this journey, Crystal D have said we will find out exactly why Lara is a Tomb Raider. However, judging from the small spats of plot info we have, this journey appears to be filled with tragedy. Lara's traumatic experiences in the Himalayas and South America will all be addressed in this game.




Attachment 212

Anaya is a civil engineer working in impoverished areas of South America. She's an old friend of Lara's dating back to their days at University and was with Lara during the tragedy near Paraiso. She has since led a distinguished career on her own, routinely crossing paths with Lara.


Attachment 214

Zip is the tech guy of Lara's team, responsible for providing technical and logistical support for Lara's endeavors worldwide - he is the guy in the van or server room at Croft manor and Lara's constant remote companion via radio headset. A wise cracking guy who's part ultra techno geek and part street savvy. He used to be over the top, but a few years in prison toned him down a notch and increased his resentment towards all things establishment. A former computer hacker, he works with Lara for the challenge and thrill of it. He is personally loyal to Lara and it really is the most fun he can have without getting arrested.


Lara's trusty and loyal butler Winston will return in TRL.


Attachment 215

Alister is Lara's research assistant, providing another mind filled with arcane historcal information, someone to bounce ideas off of and provide quick additional research while Lara's in the field. He's in this to test his theories, uncover secrets no one else can and because it's the only place his eccentric knowledge is really useful. Alister is tense and takes himself far too seriously


Once a daring investigative reporter who has crossed paths with Lara on more than one dangerous occasion. He is now a media mogul - good humoured and comfortable, but he still has the taste for adventure. He is always glad to see Lara when her latest adventure brings her to town. He's a little more cautious now though and has some responsibilities and obligations which are a bit unsavoury. He needs to have good relationships with the Yakuza.



On the outside, Amanda Evert was a graduate student of social anthropology. On the inside, she was an intense chronicler of the metaphysical. She believed wholeheartedly that the common notion of reality is nothing but a thin, drab layer pulled over the infinite truth of the soul. She studied every religious and mystical system in the world, past and present, and while still at university was already something of an expert on theology and mysticism.

Amanda had a pet theory that fragments of a single, long forgotten mystical belief system exist within the rites and rituals of shamanism, witchcraft and many religions. Her dream was to rediscover this supreme knowledge from the past and teach it to people so they could gain spiritual enlightenment. At the time it seemed more like a youthful dalliance than a true obsession; something Lara considered harmless. She was undoubtedly comfortable with exploring beyond the boundaries of scientific inquiry, but she was also a brilliant researcher who was still in touch with the modern world. She was young, a bit bookish, not too self-confident, and a bit of a hippy. Her relationship with Lara is typified by playful philosophical banter; they disagreed, but they crossed intellectual swords without becoming exasperated or angry at the others' firm viewpoint.

One day in Peru, while excavating a tomb Lara believed contained the last queen of Tiwanaku, her team of graduate students breeched a new room and all hell broke loose. Lara was the only one to return to the surface, as a malevolent entity of some kind slaughtered everyone in the tomb, except for Lara and Amanda. But as the two tried to escape, Amanda set off a trap that sealed the room, brought down the roof, and drowned Amanda.

Amanda didn't in fact die. She escaped. Later in the game she returns to become Lara's nemesis, in search of the same artifact as Lara...


Attachment 213

James Rutland Jr grew up in a bubble of enormous wealth and privilege. He went to West Point and managed to graduate on his own merits, barely. As glad as it was, he's glad for it because it gave him a sense of self-discipline and strength that he finds useful now that he's free of the military. He is a charismatic man accustomed to getting whatever he wants; however this time the object of his desire is also sought by Lara Croft.


A Yakuza tamicho (boss) who loves who loves ancient weapons. In addition to being a powerful figure in the japanese mob, he also became a fixture in the antiquities underground, frustrating collectors and adventurers alike by mixing forgeries with authentic items. Despite his untrustworthy reputation, he continues to be a player due to his ability to ferret out what people really want and dangle it before them, such that their desires overpower their better judgement. His most recent encounter with Lara Croft left a bad taste in his mouth. However, he has been reluctant to seek revenge. The likely failure of an attempt would mean a serious loss of face...



Not much currently known. Was tomb raiding in Peru with Lara and Amanda. Appears close to Amanda.


There are 8 locations in the game. Here are a selection of what is known so far...

Tiwanaku Bolivia, South America

Opening level begins with Lara free-climbing the stunning mountain cliffs offered by this South American wilderness. She is here on her own time, tracking down answers and evidence to questions she has been carrying her whole life. Of course, Lara would not be Lara without some kind of artifact involved. A phone call from Anaya informs Lara that a temple in Bolivia contains the ornate Stone Dais of Tiwanaku which is of great interest to our heroine. However, when Lara reaches the summit of the mountain at the foot of the Tiwanaku ruins, she unexpectedly finds teams of dubious characters searching for something themselves...

Peru, South America

Return To Paraiso
Lara visits a old Peruvian town called Paraiso, where she expects to meet up with Anaya. From here she hopes to explore the nearby Queen's Tomb (see pic) and capture the artifact she failed to get years ago. However, a surprise attack by ruthless mercenaries proves she is not the only one after this artifact...

Tokyo, Japan

Meeting With Takamoto
Lara travels to Japan where she hopes to take back a piece of the artifact stolen from Waseda University by the Japanese Yakuza. Lara travels to Tokyo to attend the party of an old friend. But her true intentions are to meet up with the illicit owner of the stolen relic and convince him to part with it...one way or another...

Ghana, West Africa

Pursuing James Rutland
Zip tracks Rutland to the rainforests of Ghana and Lara heads there straight away. She finds and intricate ruin hidden in plain site, and she learns that her parents had been to this site before she was born. Now Rutland is sacking the place with his mercenaries. While Lara wants to finish the conversation he started in Bolivia, and hopefully acquire the artifact he had taunted her with, she learns that his purpose for being here is intimately connected to the mystery before them...


Project Carbonek
Alister has his moment to shine by finding obscure references which suggest more information can be found in Kazakhstan. A secret Soviet lab was dedicated to investigating the paranormal early in the cold war and judging by how quickly, and savagely, the lab was shut dwn and covered up by the KGB, indications are that the relics they found may indeed be the ones Lara is searching for. However, Lara is not the only one who has learned of this site...

England, UK

King Arthur's Tomb
What reasons bring Lara in pursuit of King Arthur's Tomb is the biggest mystery of all...

Croft Manor

Lara Croft's humble abode. Houses her tech team and a good place to start training. Fully Furnished and bursting with secrets...

Himalayas, Nepal

The Ghalali Key
Lara's travels take her to the icy mountains of the Himalayas, a place of great tragedy in Lara's past...

Lara Croft Moves and Acrobatics


Lara will be more athletic than ever before! Rope swinging, bar swinging, climbing, crawling, jumping+shooting, swan diving, swimming are just a tiny sample of moves seen so far. Crystal Dynamics has hinted at acrobatics on par with Prince of Persia. Anything that the Prince can do, Miss Croft is sure to do better...


Combat is going to be more deep in TRL than ever before. There are 3 modes of combat - free-form shooting, auto lock-on or first person. Lara now uses her fully interactive environment to her advantage. An icon will show above explosive barrels or electric cables that Lara can blast with her guns. If she is locked on to these items, an icon will show above the object. With a simple tap of a button, Lara can shoot out these environmental objects and take out nearby enemies. Lara can also dodge enemy gunfire via her classic jumping and vaulting techniques and by the use of bullet-time style manouvers which are activated via melee attacks like sidekicks and backflip kicks allowing even greater damage to be inflicted.

Lara's enemies will be smarter than ever. Enemies will respond to the ever-changing combat situation in intelligent ways, such as moving to flank Lara when she is pinned down, dodging grenades, and calling for backup.


Crystal Dynamics has stated that TRL is not a stealth game. Stealth is simply not Lara's style. However, Lara may be able to gain a slight advantage over enemies by staying out of sight if gamers wish to play that way. However, the game is not being designed with stealth being a primary option. Lara is still an 'all guns blazing' girl.

Superaction Sequences

Developers have decided to make their cinematics playable. These brief segments are called "Superactions". Similar sequences were found in games like God of War, Resident Evil 4 and Fahernheit. During a cutscene a dangerous event may occur (crumbling floors, spiked walls etc) which will cause the superaction mini-game to start. By pressing the controller buttons as their symbols flash on the screen, our heroine performs various actions and acrobatics until she reaches safety. If you can't complete the mini-game, you'll get to see a special death scene for Lara, each one completely unique to that one button press. These sequences will keep players on high alert during cutscenes.


Lara will also be able to swim in TRL using her classic breast stroke technique.

Weapons and Equipment


Lara wears all her equipment on her body (no more infinate backpack). This means that the traditional inventory screen is now away - you know precisely what Lara is carrying.


Dual Pistols
Dual USG45 Match pistols. Counter-balanced to reduce recoil, this set has been customised to hold a clip of greater capacity. Infinate ammo (although her shooting will pause for a few seconds for reloading).

Frag grenades
MK28 fragmentation grenade. Cast iron construction with raised waffle pattern for improved grip. Granular TNT filler provides a ten metre blast radius (Lara can only carry 4 at a time)

For times when a few well-aimed bullets aren't enough, Lara prefers the familiarity of a simple pump-action shotgun. Once fired, it sprays a wide buckshot capable of delievering immense damage to enemies at close range.

Grenade launcher, machine gun turrets, assualt rifle, RPG and sub machine gun weapons.

Magnetic Grapple Device

A portable grappling device that replaces the standard hook with a superstrong electromagnet that can be turned on and off remotely from the base unit. 25ft of 300lb test microfilament wire connect the 2 pieces.

The magnetic grappling hook can be used to swing over pits of spikes and in other puzzle situations. The grappling hook will only bind to metallic surfaces and it allows Lara to jump over large areas which would have been impossible in previous games. The magnetic grapple can also be used as a weapon either through using it to grab hold of an enemies waist and pulling them into danger, such as a pit of spikes or she can drag them into close range for melee attacks.

Lighting Devices

Lara Croft visits the darkest corners of lost tombs and relies on lighting equipment to show her the way. Lara has traditional red flares to light up dark passage ways just light old times. These flares can also be thrown to illuminate pits and the road ahead. Lara prefers stonium nitrate flares with a plastic wind resistant cap for easy lighting. Perfect back in the days when Personal light sources weren't available.

New to Tomb Raider Legend is a Personal lighting source on Lara's shoulder. It is an ultra bright LED light source. Kinetically charged, it automatically switches on in dark places. The light comes with batteries which last a total of 2 minutes before needing recharged.

Communication Devices

This Bluetooth headset is used to keep in touch with the 2 man team back at Croft Manor via picture-in-picture video. The headset is also believed to be able to record images which Lara can then send back to her team at Croft Manor.

Lara also carries around a PDA. This handy device will keep a record of all your adventuring including plot summaries, mission objectives, statistics, weapon details and other useful tidbits. Very sturdy and waterproof.

Multi-functional Binoculars

State of the art binoculars with RAD technology. Allows for Remote Analysis and Display of object characteristics from up to 1200m away.

The binoculars (which come with a powerful zoom function) will mostly be used to examine your surroundings as you try to figure out your next course of action. With the push of a button, your binoculars will use the the Remote, Analysis and Display (RAD) to analyse whichever area you're focusing on and will let you know if it has any useful qualities (such as being flammable or unstable).

Health kits

Standard field use medkit that will replenish health when used.



High octane chases and vertigo-inducing jumps through Tokyo and Peru await the rider.

Jeep Commander/Wrangler
Used by both Lara and her foes. Jeep vehicles and Lara go hand in hand. Both have rugged determination and this makes and excellent partnership.

Game Mechanics


Puzzles will now be more physics based and open-ended, with multiple ways for Lara to solve them. Puzzles will also be a little more user friendly without being 'dumbed down'. Developers have hinted that if the player is really stuck, Lara will give a subtle hint about what the player should (or should not) be doing. Such a system will reduce frustraton and keep the pace going. The developers have modernised the puzzles by dumping the traditional (and dated) key and switch puzzles of old. Crystal Dynamics have created a great physics system, with Lara having to utilise all her equipment (and weight) to solve complex puzzles which can be fire, earth or water based.

Save System

Checkpoint based. The game will have frequent checkpoints (mostly before dangerous events) to reduce frustration.

Game Engine

The game uses a modified and greatly enhanced 'defiance' engine, previously used in games like LOK: Defiance and Project: Snowblind. Jason Bell, lead programmer at Crystal Dynamics, considers the "streaming technology" used in TRL as something which "sets this title apart from previous Tomb Raider games...It gives us the ability to create a much more finely detailed world".

Bell says the streaming technology "eliminates load times by continually rotating relevant data into and out of the console's memory as needed...In TRL we're using streaming technology for more than just textures, animations, sounds and logic. We've improved the resource sharing and added several new types of resources that can be streamed, including cinematic data and physics information. This is important when you consider that a typical TRL level requires 5-times more memory than the PS2 console offers".

Bell further states that "Legend's streaming technology helped us close the gap between the original concept of Lara Croft and how she actually expresses her personality in the game. And it allowed us to make each environment much more detailed, interactive and realistic."


The game has a "softness filter" which smoothes out angular edges and takes care of aliasing. Small touches like dynamic lighting, real-time water and fire effects, insects buzzing, birds flying, rainbows, waterfalls, dirt, cob webs, foliage swaying in the breeze and ivy scaling the walls all add to the realism experience of raiding a tomb. Riley Cooper describes these small touches as bringing the screen to life! While the Xbox and PS2 versions will look roughly the same, the Xbox 360 and PC versions will incorporate a multitude of next generation graphical techniques such as normal and specular mapping.


Troels Folmann will compose the soundtrack for Tomb Raider Legend. A large amount of research has went into the soundtrack, with CD delving deep into Lara's past console and movie outings where they hope to figure out the perfect score for the game. In this game, all main characters and destinations have their own theme with each destination using an instrument which is signiture for that region. For example, Africa may use more of a base, jungle type beat while Tokyo's sound may be more modern and up beat. Tomb Raider Legend also employs a special technique of "micro-scoring" where your actions determine the mood of the soundtrack. If Lara is walking, the music will be slow, but when she starts to run the music will pick up pace. A sudden change in the environment, like stones or rubble falling, will also cause a dramatic change in the music.

Control System

The revamped control system provides intuitive and fluid character movement. Dynamic animation system puts focus on continuous motion, giving Lara the ability to seamlessly handle any obstacle and interact dynamically with any surface. Lara features many more realistic animations than before, and she does a lot of simple things from handling odd angles during jumps, to moving fluidly, to being free of a grid that makes her both modern in look and feel. Crystal D says Lara is all about movement - It's fluid, fun, and constantly tapping into the heart of the adventurer.

This new game functions differently than any other Tomb Raider. Lara is free-form in movement. She is completely free of grids. She walks and runs with a far smooth motion, independent of a mathematical grid hidden beneath the surface.

The camera never fails to keep up with Lara's acrobatic antics. Crystal Dynamics' goal for the in-game camera was to let you control it manually whenever you want to, but to ensure that you'd never actually need to. The camera assumes a third-person position behind Lara for the most part. The camera occasionally will reposition itself slightly to give a view of important objects you pass by them. Gamers also have the option to select a 1st person viewpoint for more accurate shooting.

Game Controls For Each System (more to come...)

PlayStation 2


Left Analogue Stick - Move Lara
Right Analogue Stick - Manipulate camera
Square - Use grapple hook. Triangle button then pulls object.
Circle - Roll/crouch
Triangle - Move objects/pick up objects
X - Jump button
D-pad - Use inventory
Select - Use PDA


L1 - Lock on target (red reticule means target within reach, greay reticule means out of reach)
R1 - Shoot
R2 - 1st person perspective for shooting
Right analogue stick - change targets
triangle - shoot environmental object/kick enemy when close
Square - Grapple hook enemy
Circle - Slide attck into enemy

Xbox/Xbox 360


Left Analogue Stick - Move Lara
Right Analogue Stick - Manipulate camera
X - Use grapple hook. Y button then pulls object.
B - Roll/drop
A - Jump button
Y - Move objects/pick up objects
D-pad - Inventory
Select - Use PDA


L trigger - Lock onto enemy
R trigger - Shoot
Right analogue - change targets
Y - target environmental objects/kick enemey when close
X - Grapple hooke enemy
A - Slide attack into enemy


Crystal Dynamics have given PC players the freedom to customise their own Legend controls without any restrictions.


Unlike previous games, when you beat a level, you'll see a stat screen to see how you did, but also to upgrade weapons, unlock several vaults worth of unlockables, including many alternative costumes and neat-o items. Crystal Dynamics estimates the completion time to be roughly 10-15 hours. However, has said they are hoping to pack enormous replay in to the game with secrets, alternative routes and multiple ways to solve puzzles.

For the first time, TRL will have multiple levels of difficulty ranging from Adventurer (easy) to Tomb Raider (hard). Lara will also recieve Bronze, Silver or Gold grades depending on her performance at the end of each level.


PS2, PC, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PSP.


Graphically the weakest of the main console versions, however, still one of the best looking PS2 games available. This will no doubt be the highest selling of all console versions.


Toby Gard has confirmed that the Xbox of the game will have higher-res textures, a higher frame rate and faster load times compard with the PS2 version. There will also be widescreen support for the XBox version and it will run at 60fps. However, by and large, it is the same as the PS2 version. Toby Gard has also confirmed the Xbox version will "support a jukebox function which will be fun in Croft Manor. You'll basically be able to play a stereo when training".


The PSP version will most likely be similar to the PS2 version, with a few graphical cutbacks of course. However, the PSP version will come with a number of extras. In addition to unlockable production images, the PSP version will boast three gameplay modes including, Master circuit mode which will involve completing a randomly generated obstacle course either against the clock or against a second player if you take advantage of the PSP's wireless functionality. Raid and seek mode is a two-player game in which both of you get to hide objects in an environment and then race to find the other player's objects before he or she finds yours.


The PC version will either be on par with the Xbox version or 360 version depending on how powerful your PC is.

System Requirements
The minimum system requirements are as follows:

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP
Pentium 3 1.0Ghz or Athlon XP Equivalent
100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible 64MB 3D Accelerated Card with TnL (GeForce 3Ti / Radeon 9 series)
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible)
Quad-speed (4x) DVD-ROM drive
9.9GB free disk space
100% Windows 2000/XP compatible mouse and keyboard

The recommended system requirements are as follows:

Pentium 4 2.0Ghz or Athlon XP Equivalent
100% DirectX 9.0c-compatible 256MB 3D Accelerated Card (Nvidia GeForce 5900 / Ati 9800XT)
Microsoft indows 2000/XP compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible)
Eight-speed (8x) DVD-ROM drive or faster
9.9GB free disk space

The Optimal system requirements are as follows:

Pentium 4 3.0Ghz or Athlon XP/64bit Equivalent
100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible 512MB 3D Accelerated Card (Nvidia GeForce 7800 / Ati X-1800)

Thanks to Jason Walker, Head of Mastering at Eidos for this information.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 version is the most advanced of the lot. Crystal Dynamics have exploited the power of the Xbox 360 with its newly created graphics system for Tomb Raider: Legend. With support for real-time per pixel lighting, shadows and normal-mapping among other improvements, the Tomb Raider world has never been as lifelike. Bringing to life a new sense of awe and wonderment in stunning and immersive environments, the Xbox 360 demonstrates Lara’s intricately animated expressions, fluid movement and realistic abilities.

Lara's character features 24 MBs of textures alone and it contains 12 times the texture memory capable on the PS2. She's also comprised of 20,000 polygons.

“My original vision for Lara can nearly be realized with the muscle of the Xbox 360,” said senior designer at Crystal Dynamics, Toby Gard. “The stunning graphics and scope of how Lara can move and interact with her surroundings will be astounding.”

Xbox 360 exclusive features remain currently underwraps. However, it is most likely we will see jukebox/soundtrack support similar to the original Xbox version. In addition, Hi-definition support (720p) for HDTVs, 16:9 widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1 support ensure the most cinematic and gorgeous Tomb Raiding experience. As with most 360 games, we will see the 'achievements' system supported. On Xbox 360 you'll be rewarded with as many as 18-20 achievements. Some are earned for beating the game on normal, while others by beating it on hard. Each time you beat a level, you'll have the chance to replay that same level in time trial. If you do achieve or beat that time, you'll earn medals (bronze, silver, and gold) and achievement points.

Gamecube, Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance

Due in Summer 2006. Lara returns to GBA while making her debut on Nintendo DS and Gamecube! No further details available at the present time.


A playable demo is indeed in the works for all formats. This demo will include the opening Bolivia training mission. So far, a demo has been confirmed for Europe and North America.

Demo release dates - UK

The demo will consist of a playable portion of the opening Bolivia level.

PS2 - Issue 71 April Official UK PS2 magazine - OUT NOW!

Xbox - Issue 55 Official Xbox magazine (Hits newsagents mid-April)


PC - AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD FROM www.tombraiderchronicles.com NOW

(Demo information kindly provided by Jason Walker, Head of Mastering at Eidos)

The Hype...

"It was hard not to be totally overwhelmed with excitement by the whole thing" PLAY

"Lara's definately in the right hands. This is one of the best-looking games we've seen and the gameplay rivals the visuals for excellence" Official UK PS2 Magazine

"Tomb Raider has been successfully restored to its former glory" Gamesmaster

"Tomb Raider: Legend looks almost certain to be Miss Croft's finest hour"

Release date all formats - APRIL 2006

PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC

7th April in Europe
11th April in North America


May 2006

Gamecube, DS and GBA

Summer 2006

Credit to...

www.tombraiderchronicles.com, Gamespot.com, IGN.com, Xbox World 360, Gamespy.com, www.laraslevelbase.org, PLAY, GameStar, Computer and Videogames (C&VG), EGM, Gamesmaster, Xbox magazine, OPS2, PSM2, PSW, www.softpedia.com, www.tombraider.com

Synopsis written by www.tombraiderforums.com
Copyright www.tombraiderchronicles.com

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Wow, how long did it take to make that??? I like it alot!
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This was entirely produced by Undertaker. Thanks UT.
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"Long thought dead and buried..." I don't think that the people who died in the plane were buried were they....?
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Don't forget Lara will also go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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Thats right, I seriously am intirested in seeing what it is going to be like!
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wasnt psp confirmed aswel?
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Originally posted by laras L3gend:
"Long thought dead and buried..." I don't think that the people who died in the plane were buried were they....?
I think that was just a figure of speech - not to be taken literally.
Sounds like the original format, the Play Station, will be somewhat the poor relative.
"the Xbox and PC versions of the game will have higher-res textures, higher frame rate and faster load times. There will also be widescreen support for the XBox version. Toby Gard has also confirmed the Xbox version will "support a jukebox function which will be fun in Croft Manor. You'll basically be able to play a stereo when training".
No special features for PS?
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RRRRRR please don't remind me about those special features, otherwise i'll be tempted to start: "Offical X-Box Hatred thread, Part 2". And yes, PSP was confirmed and should be out a little while after the PC and Playstaion release.
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Awesome article!
Thanks UnderTaker.
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