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Default Just got Kingdom Hearts II.

The first two-and-a-half hours as Roxas were really slow and boring. After you pick up as Sora, the action and pace speed up and the game gets way better. Even on Proud mode, the game is challenging, but considering this is the game's hard difficulty, it's way too easy for the toughest the game offers. I don't even wanna imagine how large-a cakewalk Beginner and Normal are.

Anyway, Kingdom Hearts fan will surely love it. Some of the new voices for old characters are really bad though. Yuffie's improved, Leon and Aeris (bite me fanboys) are horrific, and Cid's voice is an absolute disaster. However, most of the new (for new characters) and returning voices are great, and story is quite interesting.

However, the lack of Gargoyles-inspired New York stage hurts bad.

Still as button-mashy as the gameplay, it's still fun and flashy, and the gummi ship missions are actually GOOD now, so replaying them isn't so painful.
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