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It was fun, but too short! And they got rid of the blue top for an ugly one! Same with her plait and backpack! It wasn't the special one she got from the skeleton!!!
The levels should have been longer, but I liked how different each place was. And the music was really good.
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I don't hate TRL.
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This thread is almost 6 years old. Did it really need to be bumped?
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Her hair, definitely.
Can't we get over it now?

Edit: lololwut? this thread is really old.
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The only thing I hate about Legend is that it is really short, other than that I really love this game and has got to be one of the best in the series.
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It's so odd seeing a really old thread and seeing people in it that just don't post any more.

I'm not sure if the thread will stay open, but: I don't hate Legend. It was short, and easy yes, but basically fun. It may have fell short for people's expectations, but it's unfair to expect a core-like game. Crystal were going for their own take on the game, a modern take. I'm guessing they were aiming to appeal to a wider audience.
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It's really interesting to see this thread...

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Originally Posted by Jami393 View Post
The only thing I hate about Legend is that it is really short, other than that I really love this game and has got to be one of the best in the series.
I agree, it is embarrassingly short. Just when I thought that things got interesting and the story took an interesting turn, it ended. Too bad Underworld's story felt even more rushed and did not fill many of the main plot holes.
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I doubt that all thigs which were said in the section for all those 6 years need an attempt to be repeated in this necrobumped thread.

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