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Originally Posted by MattTR View Post
It was already confirmed it will only be for PS2, PSP, and PC.
And should stay that way
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da tomb raider!
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I don't really care what systems it's released on, as long as it's on PS2.
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I do care really, cause i dont like seeing games with huge potential get put onto one platform, it is not cool and usually ends up with the game not reaching the huge audience it deserves. But so long as it stays on PC too its ok, but i crave more.
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Mikel Croft
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It'd be very stupid of them not to do an xbox release after the success of legend.
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firstly xbox 360 is only a next genereation console becuase of its graphics otherwise its practicly a now gen console so why bother its already confirmed that TR:Anniversary WILL NOT be out on xbox 360 as on the official website on the bottom it only has symbols of PC CD rom and playstation at the bottom of the page also ive read somwhere that Crystal Dynamics love the freedom of the PS3 and graphics and disc space and cant wait for thier PS3 Tomb raider and are much more exited than the 360. Anyway the Legend versioon on the 360 had hardly next gen graphics so why do it on 360 when the grapchics will only be a lil bit better real tr fans knoe tr from Playstation or PC i think its an alright idea that they are going multi platform for tr but i dont think they should make the games diiferent with extra stuff or levels who wants to by another console for one game

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*does the "I don't care" song*

Seriously, they already said the 3 platforms it is coming on. Not every TR was on the same platforms before either. I'm still waiting for all the gold levels to be released for the PS! Besides, reducing the amount of platforms it's on and losing a second gen of graphics will allow them to make the game faster, be more thorough checking for bugs and maybe, just freakin' maybe, let them be more creative and develope a more involved game. Give up on trying to force them to make TRA for other platforms, I don't want to wait an extra year just so you can see it on a next gen system. TR8 is confirmed for PS3, so you know that will be next gen graphics and probably on the 360. And it's due a year from now, so it won't be long. TRA feels like an extra they didn't even know they were going to make until getting wind of the fans disappointment that core's AE was cancelled.
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I want TRA on XBOX360!
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I don't know if they are going to do it or not but I want it on XBOX 360.
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Originally Posted by da tomb raider! View Post
I don't really care what systems it's released on, as long as it's on PS2.
True lol
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Now that's altruism!

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