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Default okami! BRILLIANT

the new okami game SOO COOL!

i love the brush ( i never thaught i would use it so ofter), amazing grahics, amazing gameplay!

i am currently at the part when you are in the village try to break that huge bolder, i finally dug up all the plants with that mother trying to hit against me (it took me a few goes and all)
cant really figure out what you are supposed to do about the missing pole that the granny want?

anyway, anyone else likes this game?
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Yes, it looks beautiful & unique & I will be getting it in a few days! I loved the demo & the brush is so much fun & is also very inventive!
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The main quest is damn easy though. Compared to that bouncing little *(&^$(% Zip and Alister are as cryptic as a tomb itself. He tells you just everything in the face whether you want it or not. Honestly, since there's a button for "Talk" and for "Bite", we need "Swallow" as well

Luckily he isn't as eager in side quests.
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I will sure buy it,but much later.I have too many games to play in the meantime!
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I finished it yesterday, great game!
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