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Default Ledge Climb control with TREP

Ledge Climb control with TREP

One of TREP's custom patches allows you to create new moves for Lara when hanging from a ledge, which is animation 96.

Quite some people are interested in this move but are having problems to make it work correctly.

This is what I did to make Lara jump from one ledge to the one above.

1. Enable Ledge Climb control in TREP.
In the bottom right handcorner you can choose the StateID you want to use for this move. I choose StateID 28, which is activated by the 'Jump' key.

Copy Lara's animations 73 and 91 and paste 73 into empty slots 445 and 91 in empty slot 446.
Emtpy animation slots can be added with the Add button in WADMerger's Animation Editor.
If those slots are already used for other animations you can copy them into other slots, no problem.

Go to animation 96 and add a new StateID command:
State ID 28
Low frame 21
Highg frame 22
Next animation 445 (or another slot if you copied animation 73 into another slot)
Next frame 0

Go to animation 445 (the copied animation 73) and give it StateID 28 and next animation 446, which is the copied animation 91.

Go to animation 446, also give it StateID 28 and make next animation 28.
(Just like shown in the above screenshot.)

The State Change Editor should be empty for animations 445 and 446.

You can now change animations 445 and 446 to make a nice custom move for Lara.
It is best to edit the existing animations to get the positioning correct. And make sure animation 446 ends with the original last frame. Otherwise Lara will perform a jerky move when going from animation 446 to animation 28.

Lara can jump up and grab a ledge 1 to 4 clicks higher.
Lara can't reach any ledges higher than 4 clicks above the one she is hanging from.
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