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Unhappy Worried About All Of The New Rules & Conditions On The Forums...

I've got to admit, I'm rather afraid I'll be banned because of all these new rules and conditions that are being thrown out every day. I can't keep up with them. Either the forum creators need to lay off with the rules or they need to get them across to their fullest.

I've been banned before for things I didn't know I did or never knew were wrong. Now, they're talking about terminations. What if somebody does something on accident? I've been rather crabby lately, trying to keep up with all the new rules and keeping my membership. I'm exhausted...

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Lol Exhausted... It's really not that hard.
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Yep, I have to agree that there are tonnes but god forbit banning people is they make a mistake. seriously you shouldnt worry.
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Uh, I seem to have no trouble not being banned...well lately anyway.
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The new rules that pop up are usually from Eidos to keep the lid on their new games and information that they don't want people to know about their games. These rules usually appear because of accidental or on purpose leaks (like the Anniversary animation footage and Core trailer).

Just take note of them and try to adhere to them as best as possible. And if you need someone to talk to you can always PM a member, mod or admin .
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If someone is banned for something that was an 'accident', they will always have the option to contact either tlr or another admin and discuss the matter more thoroughly.

Obviously, rules are put in place to keep everyone in check, to prevent laws from being broken, etc. No one's trying to turn this forum into a super-strict place, but especially during this stressful yet very exciting time of Anniversary's near-release, everyone has to try to be on their best behavior. Things can get very chaotic very quickly if otherwise.
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Well you're in luck actually cause I personally think TLR is the most linieant Admin there is. I have seen people get banned for lesser things than some of the antics I see here and when some people get banned, the get banned for GOOD!

Justin is fair... A bit light of putting his foot down sometimes , but fair. I'll give him that.
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What you must remember is if you are banned as a result of an accident or otherwise - if you want to get back on here, don't create another account.

That opens up a whole can of worms and will probably make it a lot less likely for you to be allowed back ever.

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So what's the deal with that animation footage?

I was under the impression that it was perfectly fine to post in that thread that got deleted?
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