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I am stuck in the Palace Midas level for the original Tomb Raider game (still). For me, all the rooms where you need to climb rocks, i find impossible to get very high. The room where the pool is there is an obvious second level but i cant reach it. The "main room" with all the pillars I managed to pull the 5 levers but they didnt show it opening any doors or anything. Also in that room there is a balcony where i can see a floating blue diamond for game saving but i cant reach it. In the room with the MIDAS thing i found that if you jump into his hand you turn to gold...in that room i found an opening in the ceiling on the left hand side but its too far up to get in it...I need help! I must be missing something...HELP PLEASE!!
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My suggestion is to check out this forum's walkthrough and Stella's at www.tombraiders.net/stella

This is a very good walkthrough reference and should be able to help you with your TR questions.
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You do not go anywhere in the Midas room. All you ever do there is place the lead bars into his hand to end the level. You need to operate the levers in certain orders to open each door in the room with the pillars. After you get up to that platform with the levers the first time, jump down into the hole there and pull the lever at the bottom of the stairs to open that gate below so you can come and go without doing the pillars each time. There is a goodie thats way up on a flat area just as you get to the last pillar to get to the platform with the switches. According to the walkthru's you cannot get that so leave it go if thats the one your referring to. You MUST access each of the four areas from the pillar room, and work the puzzles therein to get the lead bars. That ledge you see from the pool area is accessable via one of those doors. If you look above each door there are symbols that will tell you how the switches need to be set to open that door. One door has a broken tile so you need to solve that problem by guessing for the missing tile. Once you have all 4 lead bars, head to the Midas room and make Gold.
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