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Salma Coprano
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Default The best part of TOMB RAIDER......

Hey everybody!I want to know your opinion about your favorite part of TR(1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
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This ought be moved to Gen Chat, where more people will see it and hopefully fill it with great memories
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Third's the best XD ...moving to cg.
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TR1 - The Lost Valley, with the dinosaurs and Tomb of Qualopec, where I got the sensational feel of Tomb Raiding.

TR2 - Finishing the Temple of Xian successfully, and then defeating the dragon.

TR3 - The Temple Ruins, experiencing the Tomb-like feel

TR4 - The training levels.

TR5 - Passing all of the Roman Levels.

TRAOD - The Hall of Seasons, obtaining the elements.

TRL - Doing all the time trials.
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Mad Tony
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Every single part of all the Tomb Raiders. (I don't class Legend as a Tomb Raider game So this just means TR 1-5 and what I've played of AoD)
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Tomb Raider
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TR2 - Temple of Xian, at one point it seemed it would never end.
TR4 - So many good parts of it, Senet from Tomb of Semerkhet, the beautiful landscape of the Coastal Ruins and the Lost Library is bloody huge.
TR5 - Gallows Tree, the horror setting and no weapons bought something new to the TR series.
TRAOD - Monstrum Crime Scene was a great level with a great setting.
TRL - Climbing to the rooftops of Japan, what a view!

TR1 and TR3 I havent really played enough to decide my favourite part.
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White Rabbit
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Well, I haven't played all TR games, but here are my favourite parts of the ones I have played:
TR1 - The Egyptian levels were quite breathtaking, as was the Greek/Roman ones.
TR2 - Venice and the Wreck of the Maria Doria. Not the levels, but the areas.
TR4 - Almost all of it...some stand out like Burial Chambers, and that elevator that would reveal a huge room in Catacombs. I was a bit scared to enter the Catacombs at first... :P All those skeletons..but blasting them off ledges with my shotgun was also a great gameplay experience.
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TR1 - Collapsing Tomb of Qualopec/ Tihocan's tomb / The Great Pyramid

TR2 - The Temple of Xian, Tomb Raider at its best

TR3 - Temple Ruins - atmosphere, gorgeous level design, traps, wonderful!

TR4 - All the temples and tombs, and getting across the Great Pyramid and inside it

TR5 - Freaky Ireland, and VCI was a cool change!

TR6 - Beneath the Louvre - spectacular Tomb Raider moments!

legend - Peru tomb looked good, and the final clip.

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Relic Hunter
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TR 1-5- Everything

TR:AOD- Laughing all the time about how buggy and bad it was

TRL- Everything
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1, (it seems fun even though I've never played it.)
and AOD
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