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I enjoy classical (Mozart, Bach, Saint Saans etc) and neo-classical/orchestral (Karl Jenkins, film scores etc) etc) very much indeed
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I love Chopin and Tchaikovsky
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Not usually, but I love the song played at the start of the Apprentice. And film scores are great
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I wouldn't say i'm a great fan but i have got a Beethoven(not the big dog) cd which is really soothing. My favorite has got to be "Moonlight" sonata.
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Yes, very much a fan of the music. I got my taste for it while studying violin for years as a child.

Of many favourite pieces, I still get tingles when I hear Beethoven's 9th, which I learned to play, but also for the poignancy it represents as it was chosen by the Germans to hail the demolition of the Belin Wall.

And I'm quite proud that my son has also taken a shine to classical pieces. He even asks me to tune into Classic FM while in the car
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Classics is a really worthy thing to listen to. I can't say I'm a fan (I often fail to remember the names of composers etc.) but after listening to a melody of the kind, most of the rest "musical" sounds seem to be just noisy.
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I love classical music. Used to listen to Classic FM all the time. I'm more into neo-classical - Karl Jenkins compositions and the like - or crossover, and orchestral in general.
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I am listening to classic music sometimes, not only listening, but playing some of classics on piano.
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lol; I was practicing a song I made up earlier [link] and after that I played "Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor," then when I came upstairs my sister said, "You should play that at my wedding." Silly me thought she meant the Toccatta and Fugue [] I thought she was crazy. Then I realized that I had also been playing the first song.

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I love classical music!

I'm a huge fan of orchestras, I have loads of videos, I love all kinds of classical music
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