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Default How the hell do I kill the T-REX?

I've read the methods but I just keep dying before I kill the beast. I can't do the dodge thing either. ny tips?
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Mona Sax
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Here's our walkthrough, and you can find video tutorials on the bullet time dodge and the T-Rex fight here.

If those don't help, I'm sure somebody will gladly help you out in this thread.
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It took me hours to get the dodge right. And you need it to defeat each enemy. Go to tombraiders.net and read stella's walkthrough, it might help you. I know it did it for me!
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it's all about bullet time. And now is the time to learn it. You'll have to have this move down to finish the game.

Sound is very important to do it. listen. When the rage bar flashes, keep running away from it, and keep firing. When everything goes slow motion, stop firing, hit the crouch button and left or right, and LISTEN. You'll hear a plink sound, fire when you hear it.

If you've managed to back in front of one of those spiked drums, all the better
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Just to clarifiy sqrly's post, when every thing goes blury and slow, stop shooting, but keep strafing (moving sideways) and hold crouch until the two recticles meet (wait for the sound) and fire.

It's not easy (I've been there) but it's the only way.
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I spent what felt like forever just shooting it in the head with pistols, and timing my dives out of the way... and now it turns out there is a much easier way
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i cannot do the adrenaline dodge yet, either, but i was able to kill the t rex by heading over to the two spiked rollers (that are right next to each other), getting to the invisible barrier that is in between them, and running and jumping repeatedly until lara's jumped beyond it (nearer to the right roller when facing them). then i turned around, didnt move, and just fired away at the t rex. he was stuck on the other side of the spiked roller and just stood there, roaring, until lara had finally killed him.

even if you can't get the reticule (sp?) right on him, he still takes damage.
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You have to make friends with it, then when it's not looking, stab it in its heart!!!
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Originally Posted by Mona Sax View Post
If those don't help, I'm sure somebody will gladly help you out in this thread.
That's right.

Thread closed.
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