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  1. Official Tomb Raider 8 Suggestion Thread For Attention Of Crystal Dynamics
  2. Never Guess What I Found!! Remake PSP trailer!!
  3. So it's Official - No Remake?
  4. Remake, looks like it will go ahead!???
  5. What game will benefit more?
  6. Describe the Perfect TR 8 Level
  7. I saw the trailer...
  8. Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition - Speculation
  9. Eidos confirms "10th Anniversary Edition" of Tomb Raider
  10. 10th Anniversary Remake - Which Level Are You Most Dying To Play?
  11. Remake: anyone else a bit disappointed its not next gen?
  12. One big reason why CD doing the Remake is good
  13. Would you like the Unlimited Backpack back?
  14. Remake soundtrack: old or new?
  15. Your Perfect Tomb Raider Remake?
  16. Remake: Lara's Home
  17. Grapple in Remake
  18. I reckon they will be a bike scene... - TR REMAKE
  19. Would you like Difficulty selection in remake/future TRs?
  20. Wouldn't it be better if...
  21. What are you contols?
  22. Natla - Tomb Raider Remake
  23. In TR1 Ramake...
  24. Design new traps/.... for TR8
  25. Do you want Outfit Changes for TR1 Remake?
  26. Only Tomb Raider 1 Remake?
  27. Please CD don't dramatically change TR1 in the remake...
  28. So Let Us Get This Straight:
  29. A Separate Section
  30. Has there been the tiniest thing said about when the remake is coming out?
  31. remake: bacon lara and the atlanteans
  32. Unfinished Bussiness!
  33. Swimming Controls: 'Classic' or 'Legend' ?
  34. The leaked trailer has caused a stink!
  35. 10th anniversary means........
  36. What console will you get TR-AE for?
  37. What about the FMV's?
  38. Voice Actors
  39. Time to PARTY!!!
  40. Major theory that I just thought up!
  41. Storyline and details of the Remake
  42. 'Unfinished Business' (Tomb Raider Gold) Levels in Remake?
  43. Pierre and Larson?
  44. Remake Weapons!?
  45. TR: Remake - 2 disk set?
  46. The mansion in TR8 - why not bring in all 3?
  47. Need to clear something about the reMake...
  48. list of...
  49. Things you want left in - and things you want left out
  50. Bun, Braid, or Ponytail?
  51. Engine tweaks to make TR:AE a successful remake...
  52. Uh-oh...
  53. Should Kurtis come back in TR8?
  54. Lighting devices...
  55. Binoculars RAD mode.
  56. Old Chinese proverb - If it aint broke, don't fix it!
  57. When is the exact anniversary
  58. Question.
  59. Exact anniversary project
  60. This or Not This
  61. Remake: Auto -Save
  62. Should they add the reload system??
  63. Remake: Loading levels!
  64. I give up
  65. Death in the remake.
  66. My Tomb Raider Anniversary facts
  67. Exact Anniversary Project: List?
  68. Let's All Take A Deep Breath...
  69. From "Legend" to "Anniversary Edition"
  70. Blood and Gore - Yes or No?
  71. How would you feel if......
  72. Why are people bashing the remake already?
  73. 10th Anniversary Edition release date and thoughts
  74. anyone seen this?
  75. the tomb raider 8 character outfits and title
  76. What plot would you like see in the next Tomb Raider?
  77. Remake: Who here is new has not played Tomb Raider 1?!
  78. TR1 remake, the forbiden video not by CORE ?
  79. People need to stop thinking this is gonna suck just because CD is making TRAE...
  80. Hello. Anyone from CD around??
  81. who wants lara to be like in legend in tr8
  82. Corpses: Stay or Vanish?
  83. Games Experimenting
  84. What Would You Like To See In The Remake?
  85. My Boobs Are Bigger [pic inside]
  86. Locations
  87. 10th Anniversary Release Date.
  88. What we want in the remake - the definitive thread
  89. Why the old controls?
  90. Only one think i want back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  91. For the control and camera, a suggestion...
  92. Miss Jacqwueleene Natla!
  93. Who do I tell if I find the banned trailer?
  94. Will Complaining Lead to Cancellation?
  95. The Enemies Remade
  96. Hang on...
  97. Trae.....
  98. TR1 Remake Doubts...
  99. Remake: Difficulty Levels
  100. Guess the Release date and month game.
  101. Remake: Bosses!?
  102. Remake: Puzzles/traps?
  103. Tomb raider 2 also maybe re-made!
  104. For those doubting TRAE is a remake...
  105. What new locations would you like to see in TR8.
  106. What do you want of trae?
  107. one bad thought i am having........
  108. And what with materials of TRAN?
  109. Who's really, REALLY excited?! (Sorry no CD bashers please;) )
  110. for all those bashers out there
  111. When we gonna get screens??
  112. Does Core Design hate Crystal Dynamics now?
  113. About the game release !
  114. Tomb raider 10th anniversary = TR8
  115. A very cool video of tr : 10 th anniversary
  116. why not xbox?!?
  117. Legend 2
  118. Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition NOT a Remake??
  119. Project Started
  120. My Theory on the Leaked Trailer
  121. If it wasn't called Anniversary Edition, what would you call it??????????????????????
  122. If they do a TR2 remake . . . .
  123. FBCD - Group In Order of Fetching Back Core Design NO Crystal D Lovers !
  124. Eidos' Problem?
  125. Give Lara Wings!!
  126. hmm.. I would like...
  127. Facts about Cancelled Remake/video, and CORE
  128. Assuming its not a remake...
  129. Insider Dishes Tomb Raider Remake Dirt
  130. TR:10AE not making ANY sense!
  131. Is there a High-Res trailer available?
  132. So why did Core make the AE in the first place?
  133. Will Natla return?
  134. Why I like Toby Gard, and why Crystal Dynamics deserve Tomb Raider.
  135. TRAE, what Levels??
  136. Do you think future TR games will evolve into a full-fledged 3rd person shooter?
  137. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend for the PSP System Ships Out to Stores Today
  138. How do feel about Tomb Raider 8?
  139. Hand To Hand Combat
  140. is there any shots of the 10thAE
  141. Taking a leaf out of MGS3's book..
  142. Official Information/News
  143. Ducatis are all well and good, but...
  144. Decision Time! Core Design Vs Crystal Dynamics
  145. Some Good and Bad things about Core's work.
  146. A Thread Starting Notice?
  147. no tomb raider IP shifting have happened if core design did not sell out...
  148. title recamdes.
  149. HANG ON, do we even know this EVEN IS A REMAKE???
  150. Do You Think TR:AE Will Come Out on 360?
  151. Only TR fans bring Legend down...
  152. Guns you want in the Anniversary Edition
  153. What's your most wild fantasy of a underwater level
  154. Will TR:AE Lara be flash back Legend Lara?
  155. Stop It People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  156. What Updates/new features should "TR:Anniversary Edition" have?
  157. Who should Lara have sex with? ( TR8 poll )
  158. Stuff We Want Back From The Classics.
  159. Is CD intending to make the PC TRAE next gen?
  160. Tomb Raider - The way forward?
  161. Was TRL so short because CD was working on TRAE all along?
  162. TRAE inventory
  163. Isn't Something Missing?
  164. Final Battle Idea (Assuming TR:TA is a remake or CD releases one in the future)
  165. Pistols Appreciation thread
  166. Legend clothes or classic
  167. Old Bio or New Bio?
  168. About the loading
  169. How about giving the mercs bullet-proof vest and thus force Lara to do melee.
  170. tmb raider outfit
  171. How about using the secrets as a purchasing mechanism (like what they do in RPGs)
  172. Here's an idea for the manor!
  173. Tomb Raider purists are impossible.
  174. Space
  175. core and crystal
  176. Do you know?
  177. tomb raider costumes and levels
  178. Multiple pathways tied to different secrets
  179. Interfaces on dynamically interactive objects.
  180. A Tomb Raider Story
  181. Ideas For Enemies In TR8
  182. Addressing gunplay weakness.
  183. Tomb Raider is Not a Comedy!
  184. Bringing back the old bio - how could it be worked in?
  185. Do we really need the mouse controls?
  186. tomb raider ae levels for the psp
  187. The Official Fan Designs (TR:8, TR:AE, TR:+)
  188. Please Help Me...
  189. TR8 Needs To Be For The Boys Unlike TRL
  190. How does the platforming need to evolve?
  191. The Times - Exclusive Tomb Raider Level
  192. what happened to all those who wanted to discuss TOMB RAIDER
  193. In game actions that are a must in TR8!
  194. Free TRL Expansion Pack?
  195. Locking Camera
  196. Forget 'CORE CULTISTS'.....Join the 'Tomb Raider Cultists!'
  197. How should lara climb?
  198. Uhm....anyone here actually wants more mercs and explosions in the next TR game?
  199. Levels
  200. Now watch this carefully
  201. Flares or LED?
  202. To Grapple or not to grapple?
  203. Umm, i'm confused
  204. Tomb Raider music: Orchestral or contemporary?
  205. Headset. No matter how much we hate it, I think it's here to stay.
  206. A ancient place that can be visited in TR8...
  207. What Rooms, in the mansion, Should Be Added in TR8
  208. Crystal left something Out that should be in the Next TR
  209. I hate Capitalism
  210. Change The Situation....hm..(Crystal Dynamics, have a look :P)
  211. Hm...make the DIFFICULT very EASY?
  212. Should there be tight rope/beam walking?
  213. Tomb Raider Too Vague!
  214. Poll - Braid or Ponytail
  215. Lara needs new breasts!
  216. Lara's Animations
  217. Bigger Budget
  218. CRYSTAL DYNAMICS, can you hear our cries?
  219. Keep the Headset, But make it different to TRL
  220. why no info?
  221. What do future Tomb Raiders need to have/do to become more Tomb Raider like!?
  222. What happened too underwater and flying enemies?
  223. (Constructively) Criticize the media mercilessly
  224. Is Anybody Else Not Interested in the AE Anymore?
  225. Deleted Area's from Legend in TR8?
  226. Has anyone seen this?
  227. Your Perfect Tomb Raider Level
  228. A : E Do You Want The Legend Model?
  229. Which Lara?
  230. The Best of All Tomb Raiders!
  231. A bit more personality
  232. Anniversary Edition Trailer!!!!
  233. Which artifacts discovered by Lara exist in reality?
  234. My thoughts on Core/Crystal....
  235. Crystal Dynamics will do it great!
  236. 5 things that could vastly improve TR8 over Legend!
  237. Things that you would like Lara Croft to do!?
  238. Is Toby Gard going to make TRAE different?
  239. Did Core change the controls in the remake?
  240. My favorite thing about the illegal trailer is the effort
  241. Instead of a Difficulty level...
  242. Don't manipulate Lara's flaws to make puzzles!
  243. Tomb Raider AE Suggestion Thread
  244. Future Tomb Raider ideas
  245. What makes tomb raider!?
  246. Crystal Dynamics Should Look at Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  247. I wish.....
  248. Should Crystal Dynamics look back to AOD?
  249. Lara's BIOgraphy game!
  250. I was playing Tomb RAider1, 2, and 3!?