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  1. G.r.o.z.a.a 2009!
  2. K.z.a.a. 2008
  3. Crystal Dynamics do Listen, but are today's Generation to Scared to Play TR
  4. Would you like a training manor?
  5. Spoiler Poll : Spin off ? ( You have been warned! )
  6. Official Tomb Raider 9 Suggestion Thread
  7. My doppel storyline for TR9
  8. Tomb raider 9 - YOUR thoughts...
  9. Are you guys interested to see a new male character to make it's way in the next TR?
  10. Why TR9? Shouldn't it be TR10?
  11. GAHOG, Give Amanda her own game
  12. Return of Boss Fights in TR9!
  13. G.r.o....
  14. Some new charachter....
  15. List of all levels, cut scene and charachter...
  16. Vote. No spoilers please!
  17. Excalibur *Spoilers*
  18. We want the Manor back!
  19. Boss fights, yay, nay or both.
  20. Combat needs to be improved
  21. What Else Could Lara Do? (gameplay concepts)
  22. Does the ninth game need Lara Croft?
  23. Who should buy Tomb Raider's parent company?
  24. Lara needs to have cool deaths again.
  25. Extras in Future games, something apart of the suggestion thread
  26. GKHOG: Give Kurtis His Own Game
  27. Post the Stories You Want for TR9 here
  28. Fixing things that aren't necessarily broken.
  29. GNHOG - Give Natla Her Own Game
  30. GLHOG: Give Lara Her Own Game
  31. GUHOG: Give Underpus His Own Game!!!
  32. Change how lara holds her guns. CHLHHG
  33. Your dream tomb raider game
  34. You just need to do one thing, CD...
  35. "After that grueling business in the Underworld..."
  36. Any Clue of it?
  37. Next game story. Attention Crystal Dynamics
  39. Long lost sibling?
  40. Space Level?
  41. How do you want Lara to look in the next TR?
  42. Bring Von Croy back!
  43. Time Limit Climbing Option?!?!
  44. Eric Lindstrom perceives there is definitely a possibility of MULTIPLAYER for TR9
  45. What's all this TR9 business?
  46. Did Lara and Amanda time-travel? *spoilers*
  47. Tomb raider Timeline ?
  48. Attention CD: NEW ENGINE!!
  49. nosgoth TRuniverse crossover
  50. DLC for PC
  51. Your TR9 Title Ideas!
  52. Tomb Raider: Scarborough
  53. Do Eidos and Crystal Dynamics listen to us?
  54. Who wants a TR4-style "rotate the room" puzzle in next TR game?
  55. TombRaider II remake?
  56. My Idea Of A Tomb Raider : 9 Story.
  57. How about 2 adventures in one game?
  58. Why adding 3D graphics to games was a bad idea
  59. Natla should be back! *Spoilers*
  60. Concerning future TR's camara system
  61. Is it just me, or are there alot of bad ideas floating around?
  62. A TR compendium
  63. What's holding TR back?
  64. Tomb Raider: Carcer City
  65. Is Tomb Raider falling behind in innovation?
  66. It's Time for an Open World Tomb Raider Game*
  67. Episodic content! *poss. Spoil*
  68. Should CD stop listening to us fans?
  69. You need to read this Eric Lindstrom!!
  70. Lara's old personality
  71. Do you think the next TR game should be rated 'M'?
  72. TR:9 Clostrophobic
  73. Would you like to see an urban level in the next TR ?
  74. When will we hear about tomb raider 9
  75. Pre-release media
  76. Crystal! We want answers, Heres the perfect way to answer them..
  77. Tomb raider vampire
  78. Nephilims and Nifelheim....
  79. Work has already begun!
  80. User-Generation??
  81. Open world:)
  82. Locations! For the attention of CD's concept stage
  83. The Crazy Tomb Raider 9 Search Thread
  84. Tomb Raider 9:We are the tomb raiders
  85. Tomb Raider: The Origin
  86. Bring back Classic Manor! Sign Here!
  87. Myths and legends CD can base the new TR on
  88. Lara croft in her environments
  89. Lara's Personality in TR9 **TRU Spoilers**
  90. A Boss For The Next TR
  91. TRA Styled Secrets
  92. Does anyone else think...
  93. does core even still excists?
  94. alternative for eidos to longer development times
  95. Show Egypt some love! (we miss you)
  96. Pony tail or Braid?
  97. We need change, don't you think?
  98. What TR Logo do you want for future games?
  99. New Movements on TR9-Make your list
  100. Tomb Raider: Conspiracy
  101. Lara's Stop and Go Animations
  102. Tomb Raider 9 Concept Cover Thread
  103. Which locations do you want for TR9?
  104. Should Lara Carry a Machete?
  105. Ireland
  106. Variety in enemies.
  107. keep allison
  108. OMG! What if there will be no TR9
  109. Fanning the Flames: The Future of Tomb Raider Fan Forum
  110. My Second Tomb Raider 9 Story Idea.
  111. A Prime Time To Sit Back..
  112. Is this the worst case scenario?
  113. Nagas: Bring them back or Leave them out in the next game
  114. Lara's Hair - New Technologies!
  115. White Ledges or No White Ledges
  116. Easy way to hold us over till the next raider.....
  117. The Remake of AOD
  118. Auto-Start or Main Menu?
  119. Where should Lara go?
  120. A change in ledges...
  121. who loves her & wants 2 c her back 2?
  122. I'd like CD to take 3-4 years to make a truly NEW TR... who's with me?
  123. New Tomb Raider Idea
  124. Do you think TR9 should have sexual content?
  125. Main artifact of the next game....
  126. I want to be Charlie
  127. Tomb Raider:Online
  128. My 3 Ideas for Tomb Raider 9
  129. What do you think about..........
  130. will there be a Tomb Raider 9?
  131. Who wants GRID back?
  132. the Way Tomb Raider 9 should be and worked
  133. Charters for tomb Raider 9
  134. Tomb Raider 9 Titles
  135. N CD or DVD Needed to run Tomb Raider 9
  136. Tomb Raider further Location - Hong Kong
  137. Bosses and Enemies! For the attention of CD's concept stage
  138. My Dream Game
  139. Adrenaline Doge moves and Head Shots
  140. Saves/ checkpoints Health pickups and Treasure pickups
  141. My idea for TR9
  142. Time for a New Art Style?
  143. Your Idea for the Perfect Tomb *with pics*
  144. I have a theory
  145. Inventory and Weapon Selection
  146. All around Lara
  147. Things that absolutely need to be in TR9
  148. Talking about new engines....
  149. G moments
  150. they should hire an professional writer
  151. Material for Ideas for a Plot
  152. TR9: Time for a new engine?
  153. My Beginning of Beneath the Ashes. *SPOILERS*
  154. Ditch the guns?
  155. TR9 - Headset & Zip
  156. Arcade Vs. simulation
  157. Angel Of Darkness Remake Petition NOT!
  158. Lara's attitude
  159. more humanly like aods grip?
  160. Idea for Lara's home situation
  161. G.r.o.h.
  162. Weaponless Levels
  163. are they now busy whit this game?
  164. Young lara:would you want more levels
  165. "...I only play for sport."
  166. TR9 - More outfits
  167. Next Tomb raider
  168. What I think needs fixed.
  169. G.r.o.e
  170. G.r.o.l.b
  171. Mountain Climbing in The Next TR9?
  172. Tomb Raider classic pack
  173. Controls for Tomb Raider 9
  174. Future Hybrid game...
  175. What I Really Want For TR9 After I Played Underworld
  176. Tomb Raider Hype
  177. What famous artifacts/treasures would you like to hunt for next?
  178. Idea For A Change In Game Structure
  179. Do CD Listen To Us?
  180. Everyones Tr9 wish list?
  181. The Ultimate TR9 Suggestion Thread
  182. The one list of TR9 requests
  183. My suggestion to developers.
  184. Lara Stands Out.....
  185. What Sort Of Enemies Do You Want Lara To Have In TR9?
  186. What Kind Of Catch Phrase Do YoU Want?
  187. Sophia Lee.
  188. Realism
  189. Do We Need Another Male Villian?
  190. Team Camera Control!
  191. Your Dream Tomb Raider 9?
  192. What about a stealth gameplay?
  193. Forget old Vilians why not Pyschotic New ones!
  194. More Meelee attacks
  195. Underworld on WII
  196. Croft manor
  197. Next TR with interactive dialogues
  198. Xbox Live Arcade: Tomb Raiders 1-5
  199. Its your last chance Eidos. We wont buy it.
  200. What do you want the next enemy to be?
  201. How About Points?
  202. Do You Think The Same Tragedy Will Happen Again?
  203. When do you want the next TR?
  204. My TR9 Otfit Ideas Sketch
  205. Water Effects
  206. Should CD Use....
  207. Tomb Raider 9 Fan Artwork Thread.
  208. Amanda to replace Alister!
  209. brain jogging TR
  210. What Sort Of Weapons Do You Want In TR9??
  211. Bring Legend Lara Back!
  212. Trilogies?
  213. Open World/Free Roam Brainstorm
  214. Would you like to choose your own level order?
  215. What do you want vehicles in the next TR?
  216. Time actually changes in game
  217. What weapons do you want in the next game?
  218. The Menu
  219. Would you like to choose your own level order?
  220. Time set by console
  221. Save System
  222. A pinch of survival
  223. Which Model Do You Want For TR9??
  224. Should TR9 have time trials?
  225. Any ideas
  226. Perfect Epiphany for the next game!!
  227. Interactive cutscenes...yay, nay or meh?
  228. Training in future!
  229. New Game Rumour
  230. Tomb Raider: Hanging Destiny (2010) -- Synthesis of popular ideas
  231. A TR9 Story.
  232. What happened to Tomb Raider?
  233. Camera: geometrics or sentient?
  234. The "How multiplayer should work in TR9" thread!
  235. The Perfect Multiplayer Option - Fine Tuning Needed!
  236. Chosing your Equipment
  237. [Game Idea] Tomb Raider: Immortal Soul:
  238. Tomb raider remakes
  239. My TR9 Storyline
  240. NEW POLL: Would you want the classic Tomb Raiders for XBLA/PSN/Virtual console?
  241. Google Raider
  242. Tomb Raider: The Butterfly Effect
  243. Do you want Natla in Tr9?
  244. Would you want the classic Tomb Raiders for XBLA/PSN/Virtual console?
  245. Do you want Sophia Leigh's return in TR9 ?
  246. Maybe Lara makes too many sounds?
  247. Will Tomb Raider change the major character?
  248. What Would Be The Perfect Tomb Raider Game Experience For You
  249. Get Rid Of The Ledges
  250. A Flick of the Wrist