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  1. AWESOME SAUCE GOODNESS: Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Announced
  2. POLL: Reaction to Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light
  3. I dont like the new name at all!
  4. Guardian of Light: Speculation Thread
  5. New Genre?!
  6. Welcome to your new forum section!
  7. Lara's Mother (once again)
  8. is this the new Tomb Raider??
  9. Natla?Amanda??Or a flashback game?
  10. how many levels can we expect
  11. Important Notice: This Is A One-Off Title, Folks!
  12. 2D?
  13. Are you going to be downloading TGOL?
  14. What ideas do you have about the storyline?
  15. Locations
  16. Would you like boxed version?
  17. Last year's leaked concept art related to Guadian of Light?
  18. Why the Hype ?
  19. i think this new lara croft game is a prototype for the next big lara croft game
  20. Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light -- Facts and Features
  21. Ok its probably me being over excited and stupid but.....
  22. How About 2.5D?
  23. Separating Waters?
  24. I couldnt resist wallpaper/drawing for anyone who wants it....
  25. **The BIG Prediction Thread**
  26. Relase Date? *Speculation*
  27. Guardian of Light = L O T R
  28. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light twitter page background
  29. Who The Heck Is The Guardian Of Light? You Decide!
  30. Is it going to be something like Tomb Raider FireFly again?
  31. Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light General Discussion
  32. guardian of light game. digital download question
  33. Digital Download = Memory Eater?
  34. Graphics? What should we expect?
  35. Box-Art (Fan Work)
  36. would you rather call the Guardian of Light something else/or which starts with TGOL
  37. Twitter background holds clue for GOL
  38. mybe??
  39. LCatGoL on IGN
  40. No More Lara after this?
  41. Available on pc-could someone confirm!
  42. Takes place in egypt???
  43. You can bet your tights they'll be friday goodness!
  44. Official Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Fan Artwork Thread
  45. What do you think?
  46. FIRST LOOK: Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Screenshots
  47. Guardian of Light - Storyline
  48. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light First Look!!
  49. Don't you just love ...
  50. POLL: Reaction to Guardian Of Light screenshots
  51. The Graphics Aren't Really *That* Important Club
  52. Release Date is Summer 2010
  53. Should CD have bothered with GOL?
  54. The Graphics look like the game should be on PS2 and Wii too
  55. CD: Thanks for Trine to make a new game!!!
  56. Lara's voice, cutscenes...?
  57. How much will it cost?
  58. ANOUNCEMENT: This is a Side-Game, One-off, Gap Filler! so plz stop whining!
  59. Are the graphics good?
  60. Will there be cutscenes and/or FMV's?
  61. Story???
  62. Is the new story "after" or "before" TRU?
  63. Extra Character
  64. "Lighthearted Hollwood style"?
  65. New Lara Croft And The guardian of light Concept Art
  66. I can't believe how much detailed environment is!
  67. Is this a decoy, mad theroy.
  68. Will they use the Underworld Engine?
  69. Should the Dollehoe be back?
  70. Should the Dopplehoe be back?
  71. Power To The Consumer - The Don't Download It Thread
  72. What type of animations are they going to use?
  73. Health Inspection
  74. Title Explanation
  75. Action RPG?
  76. The Demo..are we gonna have one?
  77. Just out of interest, who plays these arcade style games?
  78. LC:GOL = experimental data research for possible online multi-player in "TR10"?
  79. Co-op Puzzles: Ways They Could Work in Single-Player
  80. Resident Evil 5? O:
  81. This would be amazing on the iPhone or iPod Touch
  82. An editor would be amazing!!!
  83. Do you think the game will long ?
  84. TR GoL will look like Pandemonium?
  85. Top Downloadable Games?
  86. First Gameplay Trailer!!!
  87. Erm.. Download only?
  88. Unlockables
  89. Cutscenes?
  90. What if Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light will be like Shadow Complex ?
  91. Does anyone else think that the way the health and system look so far, remind you of
  92. What save system would you like?
  93. your trophy/achievement list!
  94. FAN-ART: Guardian of Light
  95. Beauty cut off
  96. Mayan Dude = Tribal Guy from Comics!
  97. Is it Lego Lara?
  98. When is this being shown at GDC?
  99. Aiming System?
  100. More Details from GameSpot
  101. GDC started today
  102. Tihocan the Guardian of Light???
  103. How many TR are in development today?
  104. What kind of music for GOL and why?
  105. What kind of music should Guardian of Light have?
  106. Did the Times Online expose secret info about what GOL is meant to be
  107. Square Treatment
  108. Kotaku Eyes-On of Guardian of Light.
  109. Joystiq: GoL to offer six hours of 2-player co-operative action
  110. Guardian of Light @ GDC from around the web
  111. Gameinformer Reveal Plot Details
  112. What about Chatting?
  113. the voice actress for Lara
  114. Totec = New Underpus
  115. jeuxvideo.fr impressions
  116. Look at them Previews... Redux
  117. A Very Unprofessional Preview
  118. GOODNESS AHOY! Two new GIANT Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light screenshots
  119. Lara Croft The Guardian of Light Preview
  120. Ideas from GOL which should be implemented into Tomb Raider 9
  121. The Smoking Mirror?
  122. On-Live service
  123. Final challenge of the Game
  124. How do you download games?
  125. GoL for the Mobile
  126. This conference thingy... when does it finish again?
  127. LC&TGoL In Games Master Magazine (May 2010 Issue)
  128. other playable characters as an alternative to totlec
  129. Post your GOL Pictures
  130. I hope I'm reading this correctly
  131. Which platform(s) do you intend to get GoL on?
  132. What is the closest thing to GOL out right now?
  133. LC:GOL will infact use the Underworld engine
  134. “Lara Croft” to be its own mini-series?
  135. Tomb Raider and the Guardian of Light Trailer!
  136. Blonde Lara pic............ OMG
  137. GOING BACK TO HER ROOTS (New screen)
  138. FINALLY! The REAL GOL Trailer!!!!!!!!
  139. GOL Box Cover??
  140. Do you guys think CrystalD should feature a teaser trailer of TR9 with GOL?
  141. My gol comics
  142. will GoL be connected to TR9?
  143. DLC 4 GoL?
  144. Cinematics like Underworld?
  145. why have they cut out some bits of Lara's outfit?
  146. GoL: Fail or Win?
  147. GOL Trailer Soon!!
  148. could competitive online work for GOL?
  149. Inference on the Title
  150. COMPETITION TIME - Part 2!
  151. Single player mode worth buying???
  152. Outdoor Areas
  153. Could Europe get the game after US?
  154. THURSDAY GOODNESS - Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light key artwork
  155. Big Problem with GOL!!!!
  156. Totec
  157. LC&TGoL Preview In Games Master Magazine (June 2010 Issue)
  158. THURSDAY GOODNESS : 2 new screenshots available !
  159. should it have a dedicated server?
  160. New product copy for Guardian of Light
  161. 'Quick' respawning
  162. who do you plan to play with?
  163. A sort of trailer..
  164. Goodness: Steam spill some beans
  165. Are the Character Models Detailed Enough?
  166. additional Co-op modes?
  167. Lara or Totec?
  168. Is GoL exclusive to PC/Steam?
  169. Gaurdian Of Light Requirements
  170. Keir: Guardian of Light trailer coming Friday 14 May
  171. Are you going to refrain from spoilers?
  172. I just gotta know one thing!...
  173. Not even a official game!?
  174. Guardian Of Light Trailer Premier Info
  175. Friday Goodness - One New HQ Screenshot of LCGOL
  176. Trailer reaction?
  177. What was your reaction of the new trailer?
  178. Guardian of Light Trailer available on Gametrailer.com
  179. Miss Hawes Returns
  180. Arrgh?! It appears none of the beautiful TRU animations were retained?!
  181. No new music debuting in trailer: could this mean recycling of material in the game?
  182. The screens do hardly any justice: the environments are beautiful and fluid!
  183. Trailer Discussion Thread
  184. Wth???!!
  185. Screens from the trailer
  186. Could this game have Croft Manor? Suggestion
  187. Single Player Mode.
  188. Reaction to Keeley Hawes returning as voice of Lara
  189. include LOTS of Trophies/Achievements please :D
  190. How will we save the game??
  191. Having seen LCGoL in motion, what do you think?
  192. Which aspects of LCGoL appeal to you?
  193. The soundtrack
  194. LCGoL font?
  195. Packaged version? Request
  196. So in which consoles the guardian of light will be released?
  197. LCGOL needs a bit of help on the Reader's Choice of Gamespot!
  198. The General 'Lara's Thighs' Thread
  199. GOL Dreams...
  200. MONDAY GOODNESS PART I: Guardian of Light Cine Artwork
  201. LCGoL - Cine Artwork!
  202. MONDAY GOODNESS PART II: Guardian of Light Wallpaper
  203. Mega mega mega mega mega 1280x720 HD announcement trailer uploading..... mega
  204. MONDAY GOODNESS PART III: Guardian of Light Trailer in Glorious HD
  205. ign preview
  206. will GOL be 1080p compatible?
  207. Positive reception at Kotaku
  208. [IDEA] Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: Level Editor?
  209. Guardian Of Light 1200 MS Points (10 GBP)
  210. Keeley Hawes?
  211. GoL Camer Position?
  212. Crystal Dynamics on Lara Croft's new direction
  213. Jostiq Interview with Karl Stewart
  214. There will be demo!
  215. Will There Be a Hanstand?
  216. T is for....
  217. Xbox 360 Avatars
  218. Something is coming...
  219. Guardian of Light forum promoted to forum summary page
  220. Fish? what fish?!
  221. New Footage!
  222. Play 'Lara Croft' With Your Friends
  223. Big spider - new screenshot
  224. The LCGoL's E3 Coverage and Discussion Thread
  225. Games like the Lara Croft series
  226. Will you be playing Multi-player or Single-player mode first?
  227. Four new images..
  228. 2 new Gameplay Videos on IGN
  229. Do you like the voice acting so far?
  230. Will you mainly play online or offline co-op?
  231. Lets play (Lara Croft and the guardian of light) together
  232. Guess what I see!?
  233. IGN listing as 360 exclusive.
  234. Lara Croft Goodness-ish New Images!
  235. does Totec get any dialogue?
  236. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: First Play! (spoilers)
  237. Release Date: July 27, 2010
  238. PRESS RELEASE: Square Enix Brings An Unrivaled Lineup Of Franchises To E3 2010
  239. im a bit confused
  240. will this game be on disc later on after release
  241. Anyone seen this
  242. New Gaurdian Of Light Video
  243. Remakes ala GoL?
  244. New Gameplay and Interview
  245. What do you think of Lara's look in GoL?
  246. Is the game even beeing released in the UK?
  247. MONDAY GOODNESS - Guardian of Light Screenshots - Meet 'Chompy'
  248. Are you watching E3 ??
  249. Lara Croft:GoL Going To Be Part of 2010 Xbox Summer of Arcade
  250. That was certainly unexpected.