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  1. Tomb Raider 2 hint in the Ending? - Spoiler picture
  2. Official Tomb Raider '10' Suggestion Thread
  3. Welcome to your new Future Tomb Raider Games forum
  4. Which animals should stay or go in TR10?
  5. Reinventing the inventory
  6. Real-World time gap between Reboot and Sequel
  7. Weapons and modifications you want in TR10
  8. What's your preferred Tomb Raider setting?
  9. Tomb Raider comic series will be canon, may lead "directly into the sequel"
  10. Do you want to see Multiplayer in TR10?
  11. Regenerating Health/Medipack?
  12. Do you want to see a love interest for Lara Croft in upcoming TR titles?
  13. Longest TR game upcoming, Can CD do it?
  14. Tomb Raider 2 confirmed! (along with new comic!)
  15. a story about an artifact or ...?
  16. Open World- Yes or No?
  17. Weapons, moves, vehicles & accessories
  18. question about Lara's age ...
  19. Interview with Eidos Montreal Founder
  20. what Croft Manor would you like to see ?
  21. What Croft Manor would you like to see?
  22. What outfit would Lara wear in TR2/10?
  23. Would you like to see mazes return?
  24. Backpack/Inventory: Yes or No
  25. Improving Tombs: Combinable and normal keys
  26. Your favorite "Tomb"
  27. Square Enix confirms next-gen Tomb Raider in development.
  28. This forum section has now been promoted to the summary page
  29. What can be improved on Multiplayer mode?
  30. Come up with a subtitle
  31. Unlockables costumes: Yes or no?
  32. 3D Models
  33. Braid or Ponytail?
  34. Replay chapter feature
  35. In-game subtitles
  36. Should TR2 have driveable vehicles and horseback?
  37. What should be Lara's iconic/main weapon in TR10?
  38. Which TR9 side characters should stay in TR10?
  39. Should the grapple return or stick with the bow and arrow or both?
  40. What composer would you like to see back ?
  41. Multi purpose vehicle- Yes or no?
  42. Do you want supernatural elements in the next TR game?
  43. Rise of the Tomb Raider General Chat
  44. Underwater Levels?
  45. Better Poll Options
  46. Mental Problems/Things that may haunt Lara.
  47. Places where Lara should go
  48. Hand to hand combat
  49. So will we see the mansion again?
  50. Compared to the Other Games...
  51. Secondary Character?
  52. Do you want Boss Fights in future games?
  53. Unnanounced Crystal Dynamics Project
  54. Layoffs at CD
  55. Isolation Factor?
  56. Do you think?
  57. New TR at GamesCom 2013?
  58. Are you interested in achievements/trophies?
  59. What's the genre of Tomb Raider?
  60. Lara's attitude
  61. Which things should stay for the next game...
  62. TFTW: Top Ten Video Game Sex Symbols
  63. Gadgets, Gear & Equipment
  64. Tomb Raider 2: A "Persistent Online Experience?"
  65. First Q&A regarding next Tomb Raider game
  66. Dual UZI's
  67. Which classic/previous attribute of Lara should they have kept?
  68. Should we have vehicles?
  69. Dabbling in witchcraft/magics?
  70. TR sequel clues in TR 2013?
  71. Do you want the "horror" element to stay?
  72. Why Steam is a no-no
  73. Multiple hubs
  74. Do you care about Lara's sexuality?
  75. Difficulty settings: How should they affect gameplay?
  76. Lara makes Forbeslist of most wealthy fictional Characters
  77. Crystal Dynamics is developing TR10 Multiplayer
  78. Crystal Dynamics - Threads for your Consideration
  79. TR 10 Theme Song
  80. Unusual Things You'd Like to See in TR
  81. That Good Old TR Feeling
  82. Typography
  83. Survival Villages?
  84. Weapon Use: Allow more freedom
  85. Your Vision
  86. The Official Tomb Raider 10 Wishlist Thread
  87. Glasses instead of Survival Instinct
  88. Should the Mansion Return?
  89. Control you must learn Control
  90. Which do you prefer: loading screens OR forced walking
  91. Do you want Camilla back?
  92. Why Tomb Raider Should be a First Person Simulation
  93. Leave Lara Alone!
  94. The Story for TR10 - watch out Rhianna Pratchett, this Amateur got a Better Idea
  95. How should the story go?
  96. Hunt System Improvement
  97. Gears of Bear Grylls Raider...
  98. Pussyfication...
  99. Angel tomb hunter
  100. 17th TR anniversary gift?
  101. Supernatural
  102. Tomb Raider 10: ''Next gen consoles''
  103. Defensive to ofensive
  104. Can Lara Have Pet Wolves in Her Mansion?
  105. Female Influences- Which would you like?
  106. Womb Raider
  107. Design a TR2 Cover
  108. The three triangles.
  109. Occulus Rift Support/First Person Mode
  110. Tomb Raider Sequel is ‘Next chapter of Lara’s development’ - Brian Horton
  111. Lara Croft: Reflections Trademarked in America, Europe
  112. Tombs: Traps, puzzles and challenges.
  113. Tutorials
  114. Vote for Tomb Raider 10 in IGN's Most Anticipated Action Game of 2014
  115. Secondary objectives
  116. TR10 to take place in Turkey?
  117. Tomb Raider at the VGX event
  118. How would you feel about a storyline like this one?
  119. Tomb Raider at VGX 2013
  120. The sequel's title
  121. Something to Lose in Tomb Raider
  122. People overacting about the combat in the last game?
  123. New Tomb Raider Shown Behind Closed Doors at E3?
  124. So Lara had some work done
  125. Evolving Lara's journal
  126. 50 Shades of Grey
  127. What do you think the new Tomb Raider should be like?
  128. Tomb Raider Definative
  129. Tomb Raider Defentive Edition : Graphics Xbox One V. PS4 which one?
  130. Time For Another Reboot?
  131. 'Your' Tomb Raider Sequel
  132. I am really confused as to where the series is going..
  133. What makes Lara such a difficult character?
  134. Do you want these ideas for the new TR or for a new IP...?
  135. An Aiming Reticle for... Diving?
  136. The nemesis dilema
  137. Would you want more Multiplayer in the next Tomb Raider
  138. Longer Cutscenes, Longer Gameplay, Less Interuptions
  139. QTEs - Yes or No?
  140. Awesome locations in a Tomb Raider game
  141. When Tomb Raider Stopped Being a Luxury Brand
  142. Lara Croft and the Dagger of Xian
  143. Saaaaaaaam
  144. Epic card battle
  145. a more enviromental game
  146. Past characters rebooted.
  147. Her outfit - character designs
  148. LAU trilogy for Next-gen?
  149. Would you be here for...
  150. What's everyone's opinion on the Modified Crystal Engine?
  151. Tomb Raider 2 to be more Skyrim
  152. Eidos Forums Q&A Session #17 Answers
  153. Missing the trap element
  154. Tomb raider ---new
  155. Should we accept that TR has permanently changed direction?
  156. PhysX
  157. The combat was not excessive
  158. How should the locations be structured?
  159. Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary and TRII 2014 or 2015
  160. Lara's character
  161. Adventures of LC book?
  162. Would you like to see urban areas in the next TR?
  163. Do you want Rhianna et al to write the next TR?
  164. How Do the Survivors Handle the Media?
  165. Lara's parents may be alive
  166. Humanizing Lara through gameplay
  167. Lara doesn't even know her parents
  168. Tomb Raider 2, E3 2014?
  169. Nods to the older games
  170. Old TR games on new consoles?
  171. Should the next entry be cross-gen?
  172. They really should bring TR theme back.
  173. Would you like to see Lara ride a horse in the next TR?
  174. Lara's Reinvention
  175. Karl Stewart announces departure from Square Enix
  176. Karl leaving impact on Tomb Raider 2?
  177. Legend Brought to iOS
  178. [Opinions] Classics to 3DS?
  179. the levels music of the sequel
  180. Who are Trinity?
  181. videogame dev tax breaks for Uk
  182. 2 campaigns. 1 for Tombs. 1 for shooting and coop.
  183. Tomb Raider 2 Spotted
  184. Trinity should hire Lara and Lara should go along with it
  185. Young TR2013 Lara - Test
  186. Is this new girl missing the sensuality of our classic iconic Lara Croft?
  187. Croft Manor in Rebooted Story?
  188. What if CORE pulled a Mighty Number 9 with Tomb Raider?
  189. First TR2 Gameplay detalis leaked!!
  190. When do you guys think the "Real Lara" will emerge?
  191. Tomb Raider 2 all'E3 2014? [French]
  192. Tomb Raider 10, not TR2
  193. Tomb Raider 10
  194. New Locations for Lara to Visit
  195. how I would like the next Tomb Raider to be?
  196. Wouldn't it suck...
  197. How to Make QTE Better
  198. Multiple Scenarios, Same Ending
  199. Lara's Hair XI
  200. Enemy Evolution and Types
  201. Shooting Mid-flight
  202. Preparing for E3: all the emoti(c)ons
  203. Lara in just a bra
  204. Predict what the trailer may be like
  205. Do you believe the next Tomb Raider will be revealed at E32014?
  206. TR will be at E3!!!
  207. Microsoft or Sony?
  208. What if....
  209. Ideas for an Expansion Pack
  210. Rumour: Jason Graves & Al Wilmer prep Tomb Raider sequel trailer for E3 2014?
  211. 2 Tomb Raider domains registered
  212. Rise of The Tomb Raider Coming Holiday 2015
  213. Rise of the Tomb Raider announced
  214. So, is she sociopathic now?
  215. Symbol in the trailer- Start speculate!
  216. Camilla to return to voice Lara
  217. Rise of the Tomb Raider announcement Press Release
  218. ROTTR Chat.
  219. Notice to members on forum sub section changes
  220. Rise of the Tomb Raider Announcement Trailer [1080p]
  221. What to Expect in ROTTR
  222. Dual Pistols?
  223. Rise of the Tomb Raider Logo
  224. Who wants the offline Rise of the Tomb Raider announcement trailer in 1080p ?
  225. Possible ROTTR render coming soon?
  226. Gameplay anytime soon?
  227. Rise of the Tomb Raider HQ Concept Artwork
  228. A Transcript of the Wishlist for ROTTR
  229. Tombs are back. Excited?
  230. XBone Exclusive????
  231. ROTTR coming to last gen?
  232. Speaking music: Jason Graves expected to return, but no comment at this time
  233. What's your opinion on the title?
  234. Look what I found :)
  235. About the CGI model
  236. Grapple back? @_@
  237. Swimming to Return?
  238. General look of the game
  239. Maybe no multiplayer?
  240. Something is Missing in the Title
  241. So where is her green necklace?
  242. What if...
  243. Where is She?
  244. The "cave"/tomb
  245. Surprise!
  246. Byzantine Ruin- Hint to possible location
  247. Breakdown / flashback level?
  248. Tomb Raider Novel: The Ten Thousand Immortals
  249. Tomb Raider The Ten Thousand Immortals
  250. Any chance of a temple of osiris outfit in this game?