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  1. What do you expect from the Third Game?
  2. Name the next game
  3. How would u recreate classics with current engine?
  4. What Myth Would You Like To See In A Tomb Raider Game?
  5. Intro: Losing all weapons/abilities again?
  6. Tomb Raider 3 - New Systems Wishlist
  7. What would it take to change this TR formula?
  8. Do you want a new classic Tomb Raider game?
  9. Item Hunting
  10. TR11 Wishlist - Spoilers
  11. Classic Tomb Raider revival ideas thread!
  12. Do you think Square will screw over the fans again?
  13. Will Tomb Raider make use of virtual reality?
  14. 20th Anniversary?
  15. The Hollow Relationship Between Company and Consumers of "Tomb Raider"
  16. What's stopping SE/CD from resurrecting the Classic Engine?
  17. What direction would you like Tomb Raider to take?
  18. How to improve on the future experiences of TR - in my view (spoilers for ROTTR)
  19. Nathan Mcree at PAX East 2016 on TR panel...
  20. I want the tombs to be like this.
  21. New Writer for Third Game?
  22. What do you want/expect to see in the 20th TR anniversary book?
  23. What do you think we will see at E3 regarding Tomb Raider?
  24. Lara Croft: The Undisputed Queen of Gaming (PAX East 2016)
  25. The Religious Symbolism Regarding Trinity and the Reboot Villains
  26. What outfits would you like to see in the next game?
  27. The Future of Lara Croft: Ice Queen/Drama Queen?
  28. The Croft legacy
  29. How far is too far?
  30. Hats and Headgear/headwear?
  31. The trend of Badass promo pics vs Weakass ingame Lara
  32. Now that there is gonna be no more Uncharted...
  33. So where'sthis classic TR music doc featuring? Hmm?
  34. Community project: Overhaul and reimagination of the tombs in Rise of the Tomb Raider
  35. What if Tomb Raider will be no more AAA games ?
  36. Should TR go back to it's "cartoony" look?
  37. Games TR should get some inspiration
  38. Square Enix announce TR news for E3
  39. Reboot Lara's age in future games?
  40. Do you think they will create another new Lara face or keep it the same?
  41. Bringing Elegance and sleekness back from past TR's into the Gritty reboot
  42. If they're going to stick with the one country per-game formula for the next game..
  43. I want you back FMV sequences
  44. How did fans become against Tomb Raider?
  45. Dual Pistols, will they ever return?
  46. Melee combat / Hand to hand combat
  47. Tomb Raider Timeline
  48. Are we done pretending Lara's not a superhero?
  49. If we have another classic Tomb Raider
  50. real Lara Croft
  51. Swan Dive/Stunts
  52. A rebooted underworld is the key
  53. Do you want more hostile animals as enemies in the sequel ?
  54. Your top 5 things the third game MUST have/fix
  55. Do you think it's time for the series to move to another developer?
  56. What is your opinion of Square Enix?
  57. TOMB RAIDER 20 Top Tombs!
  58. How about an actual dig site?
  59. Do you want vehicles to return?
  60. Definitive versions for remasters?
  61. I hope Natla will appear in the new Tomb Raider timeline
  62. Open letter to Meagan Marie and her team.
  63. TR not even listed in E3's most talked about games on social media
  64. Could Rise be featured in Steam's summer sale?
  65. The Impact of Microsoft on TR
  66. "20 Years of an Icon" TR Statues Collection Announced
  67. Tomb Raider E3 2016 videos?
  68. How about remastered Classic TR games in 4K HD?
  69. Can the new Tomb Raider to be more like that?
  70. The Reboot Mansion Thread
  71. Tomb Raider + Virtual Reality?
  72. Would anyone prefer a sequel/continuity from TRU?
  73. Square Enix CEO shares opinion about TR
  74. Do you think we will get some sort of announcement on Gamescom?
  75. Tomb Raider
  76. If the next opus is the last, should Lara die?
  77. Will someday Tomb Raider become an Open World game?
  78. What will you do if there are another Microsoft exclusive? Do you think is possible?
  79. What kind of Lara's parents you'd prefer?
  80. Can Tomb Raider work as an episodic game?
  81. Would you like one of the Old Lara Voice actress To Come back ?
  82. Looks like Rise might be forced to support Neo.
  83. Do you think Camilla's accent is convincing?
  84. New Game Plus?
  85. 20 Years Of Tomb Raider Book
  86. Why the zombie DLC is fantastic for the series
  87. Do you think the console favouritism is over?
  88. How would you like Lara Croft and Tomb Raider to evolve?
  89. The Divine Source *possible spoilers*
  90. A theory about Trinity *potential future spoiler*
  91. What art style and tone would you like to see in TR12?
  92. Amelia's role in TR3
  93. Crazy new ways of climbing
  94. I'd love a time travel mystery, anyone else?
  95. New Online Modes in Next Tomb Raider
  96. Theory On Next TR Game Location *ROTTR SPOILERS*
  97. Should they bring back the original TR Them in TR12
  98. How would you feel about Classic Remakes with the Reboot Style
  99. Is it too much work to make the game replayable with all the gear?
  100. Would You Like LAU Backwards Compatible on Xbox one?
  101. VR and Lara...
  102. All-Star Tomb Raider
  103. I want CD to make Development Diaries
  104. Tomb Trials - Game Mode
  105. Tomb Raider 20th Anthology?
  106. Ian Milham has joined Crystal Dynamics studio in the role of Game Director
  107. Replace Lara Croft Titles with Classic Tomb Raider?
  108. Possible SPOILERS for TR11 and comics: Should Sam be in TR11?
  109. Would you like Nathan McCree to return as the composer for the THIRD Sequel??
  110. Some Info On Square's Publishing Methods
  111. General Architecture, Location & Level Design Suggestions Thread
  112. Re-imagining a Core Design Tomb Raider with improved graphics (for old fans only!)
  113. Australia
  114. Next Game When?
  115. What should change in Lara Croft's look?
  116. What do you think of RPG elements in TR?
  117. What age should Lara be?
  118. Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration Medley
  119. When should we expect a leak for TR11?
  120. Plot Theory: The Queen Of Serpents returns in TR3.
  121. Future Enemies in the next Tomb Raider
  122. Playing other characters in TR
  123. How should the tombs change in the next game?
  124. Open Discussion: Classic Tomb Raider's Future
  125. If you could, would ou buy the Classic Tomb Raiders as a bundle for 20th Anniversary?
  126. Would Tomb Raider fair as an open world game?
  127. Do you think the next game will have more Croft Manor?
  128. The Next Game's Location *Spoilers*
  129. Bimini, Fountain of Youth, Piedras Negras: TR3
  130. What should change in Lara's stealth?
  131. Should Reboot Lara toughen up or stay the same
  132. Would you like the Doppelgänger to return in Future TR?
  133. Lara Skins from the Classics - Trilogy - Two Reboots - New Ones For TR11
  134. Endurance mode 2.0
  135. The Puzzle Complex
  136. Bring her home back permanently
  137. What if the old Core Design team used one of the level editors and posted new stuff?
  138. What would you like to see in Croft Manor for the next TR reboot game?
  139. Important video found about the future of tombs!!!
  140. Those written journals, etc...
  141. Are they recreating Chronicles?
  142. Tomb Raider III might be heading to Mexico
  143. Lara's automatic acrobatics... :(
  144. Tomb Raider 3 - Will it make or break your love for the reboot?
  145. Cards and credits?
  146. How long until you get sick of the Reboot games?
  147. Snow?
  148. Should the 2013 Theme return?
  149. Why this obsession to make Lara super fast?
  150. Tuning Up Lara's up game. AKA Melee Skills
  151. Tomb Raider/Lara Croft and Nintendo Switch?
  152. Would you like more elements of control over Lara?
  153. Future Classic Outfits
  154. Design the control configuration
  155. Concepts you have for new TR Game
  156. New Traversal Skills
  157. Next game title: Shadow of the Tomb Raider?
  158. Will Lara dress more freely in the next game?
  159. Eidos Montreal Lead Developer For TR3? (Shadow of the TR)
  160. What kind of theme do you expect from SOTTR based on the title?
  161. Reboot Doppelganger?
  162. Shadows/The Angel Of Darkness
  163. The New Villain For Shadow Of The Tomb Raider
  164. Your idea for the announcement trailer
  165. Maybe Shadow of The Tomb Raider is not "dark" at all?
  166. Gore/violence in the next game
  167. Optional / Challenge / Integrated Tombs?
  168. Jonah's future and sidekicks
  169. Golden Dopple, AOD elements & Other Twists
  170. Lara's Diary missing page
  171. What does it mean to you if Lara falls/dies?
  172. An Original Boss Battle For Shadow Of The Tomb Raider
  173. 3 main points game needs to improve
  174. My 20 Years of Tomb Raider Book by Meagan Marie is here
  175. What do you want to change in Lara's personality?
  176. Any Update on those 20 year Statues from Gaming Heads?
  177. Co-op Endurance once again in the next game ?
  178. If you could only pick one classic feature to come back...
  179. Can the Survival aspects be toned down for the next game?
  180. Croft Manor - Where To Go From Rise
  181. Lara's signatures may not return in TR3?
  182. The Perfect Tomb Raider
  183. What should tombs sound like?
  184. Small/Minor Additions to Combat in Future
  185. Dumping the Bow for a Crossbow.
  186. On-screen Hints
  187. Should they kill Lara off in a DLC?
  188. Will Lara'a face change again?
  189. Light Source - Light Source - Light Source
  190. New situations for Lara to face.
  191. Am I the only one that would like the violence and language dialed down a bit?
  192. Dialogue Choices for Shadow of the Tomb Raider?
  193. New weapon ideas?
  194. More Control
  195. More Ancient Spaces
  196. For realism sake - Can this be done in Real Life
  197. Blood Ties Roths Pistols Lara Future
  198. Do you want the next Tomb Raider sequel to be the end of the reboot trilogy?
  199. The contrast between the tone and the violence needs to come back
  200. Elite Beach party at night
  201. Elements from AOD for TR3
  202. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Boxart Ideas & Predictions Thread
  203. Separate combat style when fighting animals
  204. Slight Changes to Archeology
  205. Will there be more than just SOTTR?
  206. I want more ancient abilities and weapons!
  207. Tomb Raider Legacy Collection?
  208. Eurogamer's 7 things we want from SOTTR
  209. Voice Acting and Dialogue
  210. Is Survival Instincts being nerfed in SOTTR?
  211. Post a Picture of Lara Croft in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  212. Rhianna Pratchett is leaving the TR Franchise
  213. Should Lara move like she does in Relic Run?
  214. Lara's Fame
  215. Which direction would you prefer to see in Tomb Raider's future?
  216. Would Episodic Tomb Raider Game Work?
  217. Would you like Nixxes to develop SOTTR or another Future TR game
  218. Could Nathan McCree Return to Tomb Raider?
  219. Crystal Dynamics are reaaally quiet as of late... Again
  220. The next environment
  221. Who wants levels and level select to come back?
  222. Rhianna: "I Wasn't a Fan of ROTTR Storyline", "Reboot Had Different, Darker Ending"
  223. Why should Square Enix's announcement scheduled for tomorrow should refer to TR?
  224. Eurogamer: Eidos Montreal Working on New TR Game, Don't Expect New DE Anytime Soon
  225. Lara Croft in the next avengers game?
  226. Do you think EM will have a better relationship with the fans than CD?
  227. Lara's Model
  228. Customization and gameplay Styles
  229. The General Politics and Future of Tomb Raider
  230. Is Lara going to the Maya civilization?
  231. How Tomb Raider Is Defined by Its Fans - and What's Next for the Franchise
  232. New Meagan Marie Interview
  233. Can someone confirm this?
  234. This is how the Trailer for Shadow SHOULD be like
  235. Alternate controls for Tomb Raider games.
  236. Additions to Croft Manor
  237. Did Tomb Raider Fall Victim to "Dark, Gritty" Trend?
  238. Top 7 Things for SOTR
  239. Any chance of LAU coming for PSN or as a PS4 disc?
  240. One Thing We Need
  241. Someone's Remaking Tomb Raider 2 In The Unreal Engine
  242. Crsytal Dynamics stopped making Tomb Raider and movie canceled?
  243. Shadow of the Tomb Raider details emerge: Spoilers
  244. Spring comes with goodness: Screenshot of Shadow
  245. (Exclusive!!!)Shadow of the Tomb Raider Leaked Trailer!!!
  246. Movie and Game release around the same time?
  247. Some big and real Easter eggs for the next game
  248. Guess the next TR game details
  249. Does Crystal Dynamics just hate Lara in sunglasses?
  250. 2017 release for next Tomb Raider game?