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  1. Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris announced, coming soon
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  7. I expected way more improvements...
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  9. Will Keeley Hawes return as Lara in the LC spin-off series?
  10. Map Editor
  11. Hawes is back, could Folmann be? Entirely new music for LC and the Temple of Osiris?
  12. Anyone else hoping for cross play?
  13. Do you want to use other characters in single player?
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  15. Camilla Luddington as Isis?
  16. Will Totec be back?
  17. Online needs four Laras
  18. We need some cool skins
  19. DLC: Needs to be better than GoL
  20. Its a Next-Gen....
  21. Metro a Hands on Preview
  22. Reboot Lara in this
  23. Possible Connection with Tomb Raider IV
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  25. December release date
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  27. Is this gonna be released for iPhone?
  28. Wilbert Roget, II outed for Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris; Paul Houseman too
  29. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris available to pre-purchase on Steam
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  32. Gold Edition more than double the price in Australia?
  33. After hearing about the RotTR exclusivity, are you going to buy LCToO?
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  42. Strange but
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  45. Achievement List and New Artwork
  46. Making a mini-Natla pet for the TR/TF2 crossover contest, need help!
  47. 60fps?
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  49. Developer Diary: Puzzles 101
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  51. LCToO Featured in Germany's Coca Cola Zero Campaign!
  52. Two, Three or Four?
  53. What if this Lara was primarily Playstation branded?
  54. Gold Edition Unboxing
  55. Does Core's style live on in the Lara Croft side-series?
  56. Couldn't help but notice...
  57. To those who already got their game: your thoughts (so far)?
  58. Launch Trailer
  59. STEAM pre-load available now!
  60. 5 hour download!?
  61. #fpsgate
  62. First Walkthrough
  63. LCTOO Soundtrack releasing for free! Interview with Wilbert Roget, II
  64. Can you download Temple of Osiris from disk to PC?
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  66. Game breaking glitches
  67. Eidos Montréal - again!?
  68. Crash when I die
  69. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris PC performance thread
  70. Is anyone playing this on Xbox One?
  71. Anyone going to be playing on PS4 ?
  72. Video message from Keeley Hawes
  73. How to use the DLC outfits ?
  74. Can't download the Hitman DLC?
  75. How to replay the game?
  76. Season pass unavailable separately for STEAM users
  77. Severe Lags, Imprecise Controls, Poor Perspective Hampering Gameplay?version
  78. List of bugs that need to be fixed
  79. Temple of Osiris resemble new Lara cosplaying as classic Lara?
  80. Ps4 : how do I set up a local 2player coop with two controllers?
  81. Outfits
  82. Keeley Hawes on playing Lara Croft: 'fans of the game are some of the nicest people I
  83. Keeley Hawes talks about voicing Lara Croft
  84. temple of osiris
  85. will it be out for xbox 360?
  86. Community Challenges
  87. Osiris Shrine - banish the light
  88. What's up with the Ring and Amulet Pickups? [R there outfits, or is this Auschwitz?]
  89. What are the post-game stuff to do? *SPOILER*
  90. Gold Edition review.
  91. Can´t continue playing in case of the cutscene bug ! (PS4)
  92. Score reset to 0 after revisiting Tomb of the Lamplighter?
  93. possible to download save data?
  94. pre order packs not included in season pass?
  95. New patch causes save file corruption.
  96. Season Pass question
  97. Tomb Raider Trophy - Complete all challenges
  98. Input Lag...
  99. GOL or ToO ?
  100. Has anybody Pre-Ordered from Game UK?
  101. Symbol randomly pops up over people's heads online
  102. Have PC code, looking to swap for PS4 code
  103. Player rings
  104. Couch party ridiculousness
  105. How to unlock outfits?
  106. Just purchased this
  107. Starting a new game?
  108. Release Dates of the Season Pass DLC?
  109. How many people played CO-OP?
  110. DLC Available
  111. Warning, spoilers, Stuck in Tomb of Hoarfrost
  112. My Temple of Osiris review (PS4) *spoilers*
  113. Extremely disappointed
  114. DLC not working on PS4
  115. DLC affects Complete All Challenges Tomb Raider Trophy?
  116. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris 'Twisted Gears' Screenshots (second DLC)
  117. Quick Question
  118. PSA: LCTOO X1 Sale
  119. Replay tombs to get missed items and weapons?
  120. the scion... easter egg?
  121. Texture request
  122. Outfits?
  123. Major graphical bug
  124. 50% Discount Code
  125. Challenge Tomb Glich
  126. New Statue
  127. Temple Of Osiris Multiplayer
  128. Lara Croft and the Blade of Gwynnever novel to be released this November
  129. Local coop on PS4?
  130. Whats so next gen about this game not to get on the ps3?
  131. Temple of Osiris deadline for Lara Croft series?
  132. Lara Croft & The Battle Of Gwynnever
  133. Collecting EVERYTHING
  134. Is this game just a lot of wasted potential?
  135. Temple of Osiris free with PS+ this month (August)
  136. This game could of had a platinum trophy, Square chose not to have one
  137. Where are the outfits?
  138. ToO is on sale on Xbox Live
  139. DirectX 11 Errors
  140. Lara croft and the temple of osiris local coop doesn't work
  141. Temple of Osiris + Season Pass for $11 on PSN
  142. Request for a bigger, more ambitious Lara Croft game in third person.
  143. How to unlock outfits?
  144. Sequel to ToO: in what location would you want it to be?
  145. What secondary characters you are hoping to see?
  146. Do you want cross-platform play for LC3 ?
  147. Lara's Theme in LCTOO
  148. Please Help larafan25 find her downloads
  149. Clothing, haircut and accessory selection menu.
  150. Overall, how good is this game?
  151. When you got the gold edition for PC, did it come with a Steam download key?
  152. TOMB RAIDER Trophy
  153. Have they fixed the lag issues on PC?
  154. Would a game like Titak's Himalayan Mysteries be something in your interest?
  155. help can't bet this game
  156. Future Location Suggestions!
  157. Any chance for a 3rd game?
  158. What's your ideal Lara in the hypothetical third game?
  159. The Lara Croft series