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  1. Keen for a Tomb Raider sequel with a more lighthearted, fun and optimistic tone
  2. What should future titles draw inspiration from besides the classics?
  3. Hawaii as one of the next Tomb Raider locations?
  4. Future of Tomb Raider
  5. Tomb raider 1-2-3 Remaster
  6. How would you feel if former villains returned in a new game?
  7. General Chat
  8. Lara Croft 3 ideas?
  9. Info for TR12
  10. TR2013/RISE : Patch out the White Ledges?
  11. Hoping for more secluded ancient landmarks in the next TR game
  12. So... Crystal Dynamics or Eidos Montreal?
  13. New Ponytail Technology For The Next Game
  14. Abby to become a recurring character?
  15. How Would You Change Up the Formula
  16. The Prophets Tomb - Model Level for Future Games
  17. My hope for the future
  18. Portugalraider’s really long opinions for the next Tomb Raider game: GAMEPLAY EDITION
  19. New hairstyle offers
  20. Tomb Access
  21. Inventory management in future TR games.
  22. More sassy, less emo
  23. More Combat
  24. Magnetic grip / Ledge Safety / Fall Damage / Self Healing
  25. I think Tomb Raider should move on from the cinematic gameplay
  26. New Tomb Raider games
  27. what about huhhhhhhhh... embracing the campiness
  28. Traps
  29. Dual pistols need to come back in a future TR game
  30. Theater Mode
  31. should the future TR games ratings revert back to T?
  32. What are the things that absolutely need to be in the next game for you?
  33. Wishlist for the next Tomb Raider game
  34. Build-a-TR
  35. In Depth Tomb Raiding
  36. Ideal TR Story
  37. What are the classic elements you do NOT want to see back for future games?
  38. Complete rethink of outfits and their fuctions
  39. Death of the Tomb Raider
  40. List of assets to be included in the next game
  41. The Future of Tomb Raider Wishlist
  42. Who should voice Lara in the next game?