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Jack Croft
22-08-07, 15:01
Full Article:

Video advertising has started on the YouTube website, its owner - internet giant Google - has confirmed.

Google said it had designed the way the adverts work on the video-sharing website to be as unobtrusive and undisruptive as possible.
The adverts will begin 15 seconds after a user has started to watch a video, but only on 20% of the screen window.

Google said the advert would then disappear within 10 seconds if the user had not clicked to watch it.

Hmmm. I suppose they have to make some money. ;)

The adverts will be connected to music videos and other selecting postings.

According to market expectations, the value of video advertisements on websites will soar to $4.3bn a year in the US alone by 2011.

22-08-07, 15:04
Oh, ****. Well, just another way for them to earn even more cash.

Legend of Lara
22-08-07, 15:12
There's a 98% chance that this will annoy me!

22-08-07, 15:14
Oh, ****! :mad: I have expected something like that to happen one day!

Jacob x5
22-08-07, 15:16
It's not too bad. Some video hosting sites force you to play through an advert first before you can watch the video you selected.

22-08-07, 15:17
What's the point? :confused::mad:

22-08-07, 15:22
when will it start!!!!!! :cen::mad:

22-08-07, 15:25
Cough *Boycott* Cough! :whi:

22-08-07, 15:28
They have to make some money to host all that bandwith. :whi:

Alex Fly
22-08-07, 15:29
Oh no ! :(

22-08-07, 15:33
I hate adverts on and before videos, it really does put me off using them.

22-08-07, 16:22
What's the point? :confused::mad:

Agreed - What is the point. To make money, google are the richest you can get! This is going to annoy me - that's why I use youtube, everywhere else you have to watch 20 second ads before it starts.

Mad Tony
22-08-07, 16:23
What's the point? :confused::mad:To make money. Obviously.

22-08-07, 16:25
Meh, Doesn't matter to me. We are given a site to watch videos whenever we want for free, I'm sure we can give a little back by watching some adverts :)

22-08-07, 16:25
OMG, don't tell this is :cen: happening, now there will be advertisements before your movies start?! :mad:

Jack Croft
22-08-07, 16:26
but only on 20% of the screen. :D

Mad Tony
22-08-07, 16:27
OMG, don't tell this is :cen: happening, now there will be advertisements before your movies start?! :mad:Calm down, it's not a big deal really.

22-08-07, 16:33
Oh crap that's what I feared. IT'S ALL AN EVIL CONSPIRACY PEOPLE! http://i9.************/4kdclyq.gif

22-08-07, 16:33
I guess it's not thaaaat bad =(

22-08-07, 16:46
Adverts are a part of life, people need to make money - thats the core of every company and buisness! heck why do you think they made tomb raider? as long as they can never beam them into my dreams i'll be happy

22-08-07, 17:19
Do people always have to make as much money as possible? I mean if you allready have more money than you know what to do with, why want more?

22-08-07, 17:38
*Cough* ****! *Cough*

22-08-07, 17:40
Nurrrr, I'm going to hate that! ;[[

22-08-07, 17:44
What's worse than this is what televison stations have been doing for years... not only do they advertise shows during commercial breaks (fair enough, that's what commercial breaks are for) they have to advertise shows onscreen during shows... those adverts now take up a quarter of the screen when you're trying to watch a show! Now they also make sound--even more annoying--and I've seen one where the guy in the advertisement uses a remote to pause the show you're watching in order to talk about the show he's advertising!

22-08-07, 17:48
Its not too bad, once the advert appears, pause the video. Then wait 10 seconds and begin playing it again.