View Full Version : Harry and the Hendersons!

24-08-07, 03:48
Haver you ever seen it? I saw it when I was like 4. My sister made me watch it again to remember it, because she loves it, even for a 19 year old! :p

That movie was hilarious! The part when he stuck his head out the window and made siren noises cracked me up so hard!! :vlol:

And how he buried the animals that guy hunted, and mounted on the wall :D!

24-08-07, 05:26
Hehehe yes I remember that, was a great flick in my youth

I remember John Lithgow in it, then seeing him years later in 3rd Rock from the Sun and saying "hey, its the Harry and the Hendersons" guy!

Apparently there was TV Series though I never saw it.

Sadly, Kevin Peter Hall, who played Harry, died a few years after the movie..... :(