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26-08-07, 03:37
For those of you who haven't seen this film, here's the story:

Ambushed at their isolated home by Sheriff Wydell and a squad of armed men, the Firefly family wakes up one morning with guns blazing--yet only Otis and his sister, Baby, manage to escape the barrage of bullets unharmed. Hiding out in a backwater motel, the wanted siblings wait to rendezvous with their errant father, Captain Spaulding, killing whoever happens to stand in their way. But as the body count mounts higher, Sheriff Wydell decides to take the law into his own hands.

This is one of my favorite films, and not because of the horrible language, extremely sadistic violence, constant nudity, and drug use. Although, it is full of those. The story is incredible, and it all flows very well. There are no plot holes, and it keeps you in suspense. There are some hilarious parts in it, like where Charlie is talking to the man selling the chickens, and when the prostitute played by EG Daily is talking about dressing up like Princess Leia. The cinematography is amazing. I recommend you see this film if you haven't yet. Rob Zombie made this movie to shock you. It will take you from one emotion throughout the whole movie. As he says in the booklet that comes with the unrated version, you get to see two sides of the Firefly family, one side you will love, and one side you will hate. If you've seen this, let me know what you think about it. I think it's great, and I'm so ready for Halloween to come out Friday.

26-08-07, 03:58
Well I didn't see this at the cinema (because I was banned from the local cinema for punching out the six year old girl that spilled her Cola on my leg) but I did see the uncut DVD and I gotta say it was a bit too far up the Last House On the Left creek for my liking. I think the sense of fun from 1000 Corpses should have been carried over to lighten things up a bit. Best of use of 'Freebird' I've seen/heard in a movie though. :cool:

Jake Croft
26-08-07, 09:41
Yes the ending was a pure tearjerker for my friend, like me she's obsessed with this and house of 1000 corpses, supposedly another followups to be made.

26-08-07, 20:54
isn't this the sequel to "house with 1000 corpses" or something? i think i've seen it and didn't like it at all...

26-08-07, 21:29
Tooty ****ing Fruity!

26-08-07, 21:30
I haven't seen this yet, but I've seen House of 1000 Corpses. Thanks for recommending Jake. :tmb: