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Soma Holiday
27-08-07, 14:02
As some of you know, I've recently moved to college. I was promised Id have cable in my room, but I was misinformed, and only the living room of my dorm has cable...

so...is there any kind of hookup or wireless connection that I could get to either extend the cable or pick up a signal. I'm just really bored haha, and I don't really wanna sit in a room full of people who are watching other stuff. It's about 20 feet from my room.

27-08-07, 14:03
What sort of cable is it?

Soma Holiday
27-08-07, 14:06
I dunno lol. I know its pretty good. Not basic. But its a wall hookup, so its nothing special, prolly about 30 channels or so.

27-08-07, 14:23
i ment what supplier ntl, sky, etc

Soma Holiday
27-08-07, 16:25
oh. I honestly don't know...the school provides it, so yeah.

28-08-07, 00:37
That's typical for most college dorms. If you want to have cable tv in the other rooms, you can try and talk to the maintenance staff about running additional lines from the main outlet, though that's not likely. What you can do (this will get expensive) is you can buy some cable jumpers and a splitter. Take a short jumper and run that into the Input on the splitter. Then take your additional cable lines and run them to their respective rooms. Just keep in mind that the more lines you split, the lower your picture quality will be. Hope this helps. :wve:

Soma Holiday
28-08-07, 01:35
My dad mentioned something about doing that...geez. it'd be so much easier if I could just get satellite reception or something. ger.


28-08-07, 01:38
Actually, that IS the easier route. Trust me, you don't want to hear about satellite installs. I'll bore you to tears. :) No problem by the way. :wve: