View Full Version : does anyone know anything about cars?

28-08-07, 20:31
I have a 1994 ford taurus and it's high mileage (apprx. 175,000) and just today I noticed the emergency brake light would come on and then go off. The check engine light always comes on, but I had that checked out already and they said it was because of it bieng a high mileage car. I was wondering if this was maybe the case too.
I don't want to keep running to my moms boyfriend (he's a mechanic) everytime there's alittle problem with my car because he always has a million things to do all the time, know what I mean?

28-08-07, 20:39
Look for the situation in which it happens. For my car, it was only in right turns that the light would light up (it was a faulty sensor). You should have it checked, though. Unless someone tells you it's harmless, it's not.