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31-08-07, 11:17
HeyHey, i couldnt find anywhere else to post this but - - -

does anyone have/know where i can get sheet music [preferably piano] for the origional song "Laras Theme" from the first games?

or any other songs from the origional games......

that music sure was great

31-08-07, 11:21
Here are two from TR1:

"Where the Depths Unfold" (TR1)
http://forum.tombraider.ws/index.php...e=post&id=3562 (http://forum.tombraider.ws/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=3562)

"Time to Run!" (TR1)
http://forum.tombraider.ws/index.php...e=post&id=3561 (http://forum.tombraider.ws/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=3561)

Also check out http://www.mccreemusic.com/fs-mccree-games.html

31-08-07, 11:30
thanks! i found the first one just now, someone had posted it on youtube (h)

the second one looks like the "bear" song in anniversary? [obv also in tr 1&&2]
thanks again :D

on the third site is it just the MP3s or is there sheet music somewhere?