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31-08-07, 12:22
I think it would be interesting if every now and then, when someone gets bored they can write out a diary of what happened in their life that day in this thread. I should probably write one now but its only dinner time so nothing really good has happened to me yet :p So whose going to start?

31-08-07, 12:31
31st August 2007, 13:27

Dear Diary,

Today I stumbled upon a thread, entitled "Diary of TRF member". In light of the fact that people generally create their own specific threads, if something interesting happens in their life...I found the thread to be somewhat POINTLESS. Also considering that Justin hasn't given much information on the proposed blog system, which could incorporate a similar feature, this thread overall left a bitter taste in my forum mouth..


31-08-07, 14:20
Oh damn..I forgot we were getting blogs! :eek: my bad guys, sorry :o

31-08-07, 15:23
http://getmesmileys.com/smilies/sign0057.gif Attention Justin: any news on the blog feature? ;)

I'll let him reopen this when and if he has news.

tlr online
31-08-07, 17:28

Sorry, I have been soooooo busy. I'll get this chased up. Thanks for your patience.