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31-08-07, 12:48
I was flicking through the cable during another day of bordam yesterday and stopped when I came upon this programme. I do not know why I continued to watch it as it is pretty bad. Having said that I managed to sit through the whole double bill on Bravo. I think it must be one of these programmes that is so bad, it's good.

Does anyone else watch this? I'm thinking it's probably more well know in America..

31-08-07, 12:53
I watch this...well, when there's nothing else on. It's entertaining in the this-isn't-meant-to-be-funny sorta way XD

31-08-07, 12:54
I love it! Leland is so hot:cln:

31-08-07, 12:55
Yes. What is funny is when he starts pepper spraying people ahaha. He isn't allowed to carry a gun because he was in prison for 5 years apparently.

TR freak
31-08-07, 12:59
I used to love it. Then much like scooby doo, every episode is virtually the same and it loses its appeal.

31-08-07, 14:23
Its so bad its good :p well, thats my opinon. I hate they way him and his team dress, as though they are hardcore or something.

31-08-07, 14:27
He's a bit of a fairy isn't he? Few of the cases seem dangerous for one thing. It's usually him and his posse chasing some fat dude who skipped his court appearance for having a busted tail light. I also find the comradery between Dog and the perps to be a bit too preachy. He's taking the guy to jail but somehow they're really glad about it after the two minute pep-talk while they ride to bail bonds place. Bro hugs and the full family pretty much wanting them over for dinner..yeah I'm not convinced myself. His wife is a real ball buster though...they should give her a show because she'd probably take an AK into crack dens and do some manly work with it.


31-08-07, 14:31
Argh! I thought TRF would be haven from Dog the Bounty Hunter (or as I call him, Dog the Bone)

It's my mothers favourite show. She re-arranges her day around it. She'll watch the episodes, them watch them again in the +1 channel. It's truly annoying. My mother and my sister actually cried at the wedding! Mother asks me why I can't find a man like Dwane-Lee who bounty-hunts and also gives financial advice. I don't want anything like that!!

Personally, I'm not into it. It's just on ALL the time in my house. Dog and Beth can keep Hawaii safe, but please don't make me watch it!!

P.S by the way, has anyone noticed that Beth's chest-baubles take up about half the screen?! I mean really, how does she reach the steering wheel??

31-08-07, 14:54
lol, Dog is one of those horrible things that you love to watch...just wait until the kid with the Air Jordan tattoo shows up....talk about double wide living there.

I respect what dog and his family do (especially the going to mexico to get the rapist thing), but they are so damn corny. Someone needs to tell Dog that the "renegade" went out if style 17 years ago and his boot lifts dont fool anyone.

31-08-07, 16:08
Dog's behaviours is truely bizarre sometimes. He will take someoen down, when there is absolutely no need to tackle them to the floor because he is standing there with his arms up in the air. Then he starts coming out with all this hard talk, highlighting the fact that no-one ever gets away from the Dog, telling him he's going down for a long time only to turn round in the next scene and say he wishes him all the best!

It's still brilliant, mind.

31-08-07, 20:06
I'm a fan of this show and I don't understand how you can call it bad.

I think Dog's style is what makes him, him.

In my opinion what the Chapman's do is absolutely amazing. They're just a group of great people trying to make the world a better place.

01-09-07, 13:58
Well, I watch it just to make fun of them... Southpark anyone...? :D