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31-08-07, 14:34
I got bored and found this link to test out my musical skills. You don't have to be a music whizz to take these tests. The first test you should take is the tone deaf test:


You basically just listen to musical tunes - for each question you hear two tunes and then you have to say if they are the same or different. I got 72.2% correct...which apparently means I'm normal. :D

Then there's the 'Adaptive Pitch' test, where it plays two notes and you have to tell whether the second note is higher or lower than the first. For this one I was able to differentiate tones 3.6Hz apart, which is also normal...


Then finally there's the Rhythm Test, which is similar to the Tone Deaf test, except this time you have to identify drumbeats and rhythms instead of notes and tunes. I got 64% for this. :]


If you like to then you can take the tests [it's not one of those things that make you concerntate and suddenly show you a scary image, accompanied by a ridiculously loud scream] and then post your results here!

31-08-07, 14:55
These are interesting tests. I got 83.3% on the tonedeaf one, 2.1 Hz for the pitch differences one, and 80% on the rhythmdeaf one. :)

31-08-07, 14:57
Am i getting deaf?...

31-08-07, 14:59
77.8% For Tone Deaf Test. :D

2.25 for the Tone test. :)

56.0% on the rhythm test. :)

31-08-07, 15:45
I got:

80.6% for the tonedeaf test
2.25 for the pitch test
84.0% for the rhythm test


31-08-07, 15:53
Tone deaf -test
61.1% Correct

Pitch perception -test
14.4 Hz ... At the first try I got an error, it "wasn't within the range".. :whi:

Rhythm -test
64.0% Correct


31-08-07, 22:42
Oh these tests are great! Thanks so much for posting them, Chocolate. However, I was so excited I forgot to record my scores!

I was rubbish at the rhythms:o (tho I am a keen dancer), but quite good on the tones & pitch - I play rock piano on a rather old Grand Piano:cool: here in the apartment so it is a relief to know it is well tuned.:D


31-08-07, 23:04
Tonedeaf test - 77.8% Correct
Rhythm test - 64.0% Correct
Pitch test - 4.2 hz apart

31-08-07, 23:31
Tone deaf test - 66.7%
Pitch perception test - 3.6 hz
Rhythm test - 72.0%

31-08-07, 23:55
I had 60% on tonedeaf (borderline), 2 Hz on pitch (normal), 78% on rhythm test (very good). Probably has to do something with the last two giving you a chance to replay the tunes.

01-09-07, 00:10
These are pretty cool. :D Got 83.3% on the tonedeaf test, 68% on the ryhtm test and 1.65Hz on the pitch one. :) Probably could do better if I wasn't so tired though.

EDIT: Took the pitch test again. Got 0.7875Hz, woah :eek: Amazing what turning up the volume can do, lol.

01-09-07, 05:40
Haha, this is funny..

Tone-deaf: 69.4% :(

Adaptive Pitch: .6 Hz Whoa! :eek:

Rhythm Test: 84% :)

Legend 4ever
01-09-07, 10:08
Tonedeaf - 80,6 %
Pitch perception - 0,75 Hz

And rythm test can't load for me.

01-09-07, 10:28
88.9 correct. :wve: Thank god, I'm not totally lost when it comes to music, maybe it's cause my mom's a pianist?