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01-09-07, 00:11
Tomorrow I'm off to Spain for two weeks.
It's this place my family goes to every year in the South, it's called La Manga, here's a pic from a previous year, taken from the balcony of the apartment we stay in.


It's great but unfortunately this year I had other plans for these two weeks (including a job someone offered me, although it will probably be still there when I come back). My parents didn't let me stay in Lisbon though. My mom says I need the break. :confused: Blah.
I feel somewhat bored. Also because there's no one my age there. :o
But, it's only2 weeks, hopefully my life will resume without incident afterwards. lol

:wve: bye!! I love you all. (geez how dramatic ahah)

Yuna´s Wish
01-09-07, 02:07
Do you speak Spanish? That helps a lot :D

Bye :wve: and have a great time (and I agree with your mother) :p

Jin Uzuki
01-09-07, 02:12
I hope you can still log on to TRF from Spain, Encore. Your posts are among the most sensible here. :D Safe trip! ;)

01-09-07, 06:37
I'm so jealouse. But enjoy it.

01-09-07, 07:46
That pic looks absolutely dreamy. Have fun. I'd love to visit Spain one day. :)

01-09-07, 08:15
Adios then, Amigo. ;) Buen Viaje.

01-09-07, 08:17
Do you speak Spanish? That helps a lot :D

Bye :wve: and have a great time (and I agree with your mother) :p
Don't need that! Many portuguese are there, or in vacation, or working

@Encore: Goza bem as férias

Jacob x5
01-09-07, 11:42
I'm currently in Majorca, actually. I arrived here last Saturday and we're leaving later today, so we've had to leave our apartment and there's not much to do for the next couple of hours. :p

I noticed that on Spanish keyboards, 'ń' has its own key. :D

01-09-07, 11:59
Don't need that! Many portuguese are there, or in vacation, or working

exactly, and for you who don't know portuguese language is almost equal as spanish language...

boas ferias Encore... ;)

01-09-07, 12:50
Have a good time :wve: :hug:

01-09-07, 12:51
Have a great time. :wve:

01-09-07, 13:22
Have a nice trip. :wve:

01-09-07, 13:55
What a wonderful view you have from the balcony there. Spain is a real nice place to go on holiday so have fun :tmb:

*desperately wishes to go abroad somewhere*...

14-09-07, 12:48
Hey! Sorry for bringing this thread up again but I'm back and I'd just like to thank everyone who posted! I didn't have time to reply at the moment...
Vacations were ok, I got my fair share of sun and sand, but a bit boring, specially when the weather started changing (rain and thunder in the last couple of days!!).
Spain is nice, but people are a bit dull and even rude sometimes. :o Not at all like in northern europe. And even though I'm portuguese I do have some dificulty with their language! :p
Unbelievable, but I had Tomb Raider 3 in my sister's laptop. :D I made a no medi pack run during the whole 2 weeks, playing a bit each night. I got as far as Tinnos. :jmp: Heheh Now I just have to finish it here. :o

14-09-07, 13:06
I love it in Spain :D Hope you have a nice time!

Edit: Lolz I didn't notice you were back, glad you had a nice time anyway XD

14-09-07, 15:04
Lucky you! :D

Lara Croft!
14-09-07, 15:14
Lucky u! I want to go to Spain to at some point! Have a great time!