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02-09-07, 11:31
Next year im thinking of going to school either in Kina og USA, maybe trough a company that does that kind of thing og by my self.
But i still havent decided which of the two countries i want to go to!

Kina does tempt me, thinking of Shanghai where my best friend lives at the moment, the Night Life, being out partying all night and the fact that its really cheap there.
I know it might sound a bit shallow but working my way trough a 5 days of school every week its the thought of the weekend end going out partying with my friend and\or playing Tomb Raider all night that makes it worth it.

When it comes to Amerika, the land of the free, i thought it was quite the opposite.
21 years for drinking, many states have curfews!:O
So its regulated by law that teens have to bee in by 00:00.
But i know little about the American way of live, and how this really works there, and ofcourse there is so much more that matters which i wont be able to predict, so anywhere i go i think it will work out.
But i want to do my best getting the best out of the year:)

So i ask you my fellow TR fans, do any of you have any wize thoughts about the matter og want to share a bit of how your life is living in Kina\USA?

Btw: Im from Norway so my English might not be top-class, but i think you'll understand;D

02-09-07, 11:35
Kina is where?

Or is that China?

Because if thats the case, start learning to speak Mandarin / Cantonese now. Its one of the hardest languages in the world to learn, and you won't just "pick it up" easily.

02-09-07, 11:37
He means China, for those wondering. Kina is the Swedish/Norse word.

02-09-07, 12:02
Stupid me, ofcourse, i mean ChinaxD
Well, my friends been there attending an internasional school, his been there for a year and its worked fine without speaking Chinese.

www.EF.com send people to China for a Higschool year all the time, and you dont need to speak Chinese to do that., so dont think that will be a problem:)

02-09-07, 12:12
Go China!

Too many Americans in America :D

Mad Tony
02-09-07, 12:16
Too many Americans in America :DHmm... I wonder why.

Anyways, I'd personally choose the US, but everyone knows I love the US and would obviously be biased towards it. :p

02-09-07, 12:26
I'd probably suggest China, actually. Doing an exchange trip would be a great way to learn and experience Chinese culture, and IMO would be a lot easier than trying to go by yourself without having it organised by your school/college. When you're older you may never get the chance to go again, but you'll almost certainly have plenty of chances to visit America later.

02-09-07, 12:34
You'll probably have a tonne of chances of going to America later on, but you might as well go to Cchina now, when its easily organised and you have a best friend to help you get to grips with things

02-09-07, 12:44
Yeah, i agree, i think it will be China.

I have the coice of doing it trough a agency, or my my self.
If i do it trough a agency, i probably wont be able to live at my friends apartment and i probably wont even be located in Shanghai, but further out in the countryside:)

Thats why if considering doing it on my own hand.

I've also playd with the thought of getting an apartment there, ass i get moeny from the Norwegian goverment for living away from my parents.
About 5500 Norwegian Kroners, about 4000$ per month.

Thats like enough for an ok apartment and all i need of food and cloathes and stuff like that!
But im not shure about how they do it with schools trough that agency.
Because ill have to go to a International school, but they arent cheap i think.
My friend pays 27000 $ per year for it, and i dont have that kind of money.

So ill have to check if there is any cheaper schools and how that works over there, it also has to qualify as a school year in norway so i dont need to do a year again when i get back:)