View Full Version : Is this spam or genuine exposure which i have a right to view?

18-09-07, 10:12
ummm.... i got a odd message in my myspace inbox from a friend today with a link i couldn't click on...she was puzzled by it too

It says my myspace profile is their 'profile of the day' and that you can click and discuss and review it????

It all sounds very odd to me but i wonder if the link works for anyone else... i guess it doesn't work if your in Ireland.. it seems to be linked to some cell phone network or something... probably American

I was just wondering.. if people write something about my blog i'd like to be able to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<br>whats up with this?<br><br><a c h o i c e f o r f a v e . c o m /href="http:// c h o i c e f o r f a v e . c o m "/>Click here to discuss and review the profile of the day featuring: <img src="http://b4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/00775/45/24/775094254_s.jpg"> Re-Appearing Boy </a>

Edit; the link doesn't work but i could forward you the myspace message if you like
the site is [removed] and it asks for your phone no. and pin so i assume it's connected to some sorta network.. clicking the link won't do any harm (i've done it loadsa times, no pop ups or nothing) it just asks for those details before continuing but it won't accept anything from Ireland.

18-09-07, 16:30
well if it asks for your pin its obviously spam and is very dangerouse.

18-09-07, 16:34
Yeah, don't trust any of those comments/messages you get on MySpace with links or pictures.

18-09-07, 18:52
I've removed the link from your post - it is 100% dangerous spam that no one should follow up :wve:

Spoof mails (fishing) like this crop up using a number of popular sites (eBay, PayPal etc). If you get any mails requesting confidential information, or simply that you validate/update your information, report them to the site they're supposedly coming from. These sites will never ask for such information