View Full Version : Has Prison Break season 3 started in the US?

18-09-07, 15:25
I read on the net the other day that Season 3 started on the 17th of September, but on the same page it says that the "new name" would be announced soon and then there was youtube videos to the first 17 minutes...

Anyway, I got confused so can anyone American confirm this? :)

Thank you xD

*Waits for possible :jmp: replies from Myra, Maria and TRM xD*

18-09-07, 16:23
I have seen a few commercials about the new episodes but im not sure when exacty it took place or when it will if it already hasnt.

18-09-07, 18:48
I guess so, cause I've already seen it :ton: (S3E01 that is)

EDIT: According to TV.com
S3E01: Orientación 17 sept
S3E02: Fire/Water 24 sept
S3E03: Call Waiting 01 oct
S3E04: Good Fences 10 oct
S3E05: Interference 15 oct
S3E06: Photo Finish 22 oct
S3E07: Vamonos 29 oct
S3E08: Bang and Burn 05 nov

They're usually right.

18-09-07, 19:32
Can't tell David, I'm not from USA. :p

18-09-07, 19:56
^^ WOOT! :D This means it should hit the UK in a few months, yeah? :jmp:

Can't tell David, I'm not from USA. :p