View Full Version : I'm losing patience over not seeing an album cover

18-09-07, 15:37
I need help I went on wikipedia.org and i typed in the name of an album and the name of the album is Now 26 from america and there is a description of what the cover looks like but he's refusing to tell me the name of the site and he's also refusing to put a link to that album cover and he's also refusing to post the picture of the cover and i can't wait anymore to see it.:(:hea: Any suggestions?

18-09-07, 15:39
Good things come to those who wait. Cliche but true. Have patience.

18-09-07, 15:47
He's probably refusing to do any of those because the guy works for that site and you need a password to view it it's pointless to know the name of the site and he can't tell me the name nor post the cover nor post a link because of that. It just like the time of the Now 63 UK cover and the same thing happened here.

Soma Holiday
18-09-07, 16:32
It prolly looks exactly like all the other "Now" covers, just with new colors lol.