View Full Version : Amazing Guitar Skills

Melonies Homeboy
18-09-07, 17:25
Well being really into guitar for about 9 years, I found this awsome, hopefully you will too!


18-09-07, 18:51
lmao...he's playing it like a piano or something...strong hammer-ons on the bass strings perhaps?I can't see what he's doing with his right hand though...he's doin it too fast!:p the most unorthodox style I've seen..:p

what's the song btw?:p

18-09-07, 18:52
Crazy, lol. He can play really good... Can you play like that? :p I've been playing guitar for a few years, and I'm still pretty bad, lol.

There are plenty of guitar videos on YouTube... Some guy played the Super Mario theme on 2 guitars at once! :eek:

18-09-07, 19:03
I like this threads :)
Is always welcome to know an artist that you didn't know before.
To jjbbenett, it will also like ;)