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19-09-07, 15:03
If the title wasn't clear does anyone know where can I find a good instrumental music ? Something like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns7t58Bx-ic)? :)

Soma Holiday
19-09-07, 15:10
Sounds like the Boondock Saints music. :D lol

lots of movie scores have music like this...films like Pirates of the Carribean, and Lord of thr Rings...epic movies, but I couldn't give you an actual artist....

the band HYBRID has some stuff similar, but not as intense...the song Last Man Standing is a good example of their stuff...

19-09-07, 15:12
Pirates of The Carribean is a good idea... :)

19-09-07, 15:13
if you want exotic - anything by Secret Chiefs 3

Spooky - Fantomas: Sound Specimens from the Museum of Skin

Relaxing - some Death in Vegas.

Soma Holiday
19-09-07, 15:14
Try looking up Trailer Music.

most all movies these days have trailers with this type of music in them. ;)

Higher than a Skyscraper by Hybrid is kinda pretty, but like I said, not as intense...

Soma Holiday
20-09-07, 04:34
Got One!!!

The Advent Rising soundtrack has some phenomenal tracks on it....try it out! :D

20-09-07, 04:46
You might want to consider the Blue Man Group music.

Zac Medley
20-09-07, 04:49
You would probably like a lot of classical music. Try Wagner's operas, like Lohengrim, which includes The Ride of the Valkyries - but try and find the full operatic version with a singing cast. It rocks as an instrumental, but with the choral singing it will shiver your spine. Anything by Beethoven ususally rocks (he was the original head-banger, and I'm convinced that he was drunk when he wrote a lot of it). More mellow but fabulous is Mendleshonn's Hebridean Overture (Fingal's Cave).

More recent but along those line is Holst's, The Planets.

Then Pink Floyd have a lot of great instrumental pieces, like on Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall (but that should come with a warning label - it could change your life).

20-09-07, 04:54
If you want disturbing try Slipknot. :p

20-09-07, 09:09
Thanks everyone ! Very helpful. :hug: